World's first Robotic Valet Storage launched by Next-Gen Self Storage disruptor, Storage 2.Org

Today, Storage 2.0 rg®, announced the launch of the world's first Valet Storage Delivery Robots.

Online PR News – 31-January-2018 – St Petersburg, FL – Today, Storage 2.0 rg®, announced the launch of the world's first Valet Storage Delivery Robots.  Storage 2.0 rg’s ’ robotic Valet Storage delivery robot made its global debut in St Petersburg, Florida, where it demonstrated to the world what the next generation of self-storage looks like.  “Helping consumers lead more convenient lives by using smart technology is what Storage 2.0 rg is all about,” said Joe Gallas, Chairman and CEO of the Storage 2.0 rg’s parent company Inc.  “The robot, appropriately named “Fetch 2.0”®, is contributing towards the company's goal, in a large way.  Despite already being one of the hottest sectors in commercial real estate,  our vision is to be the leader in this industry through the strength of innovation and technology.   The robot enables the clients to send and receive over-sized boxes both to and from storage from our facility, all from the convenience of their home or office with the simple click of a button on their smartphone app.  Mr. Gallas went on to explain “I originally conceived of this idea back in 2012 when I found my elderly mother was trying to move her own items into a storage unit when she was downsizing.  Just the thought of her spending an entire day doing back breaking work, in a dirty old storage unit, at her age, inspired me to come up with a better way”.  An idea was born.  Today with technology and a little ingenuity, that idea became a reality.   Joe Gallas is no stranger to using high tech to disrupt an industry.  In the 2000’s he would write artificial intelligence algorithms to give his company, Republic Trust & Mortgage, the edge it needed to become Florida's largest mortgage brokerage.  This would eventually land it on Inc Magazine’s prestigious Inc 500 list of “America's fastest growing companies”.  In July of 2003, when he feared institutional lenders were funding too many bad loans, he created the world's first real estate crowdfunding site, Inc. in anticipation of private  individuals making loans when institutional bankers eventually failed.  Valet Storage, also known as full service storage has already been billed as a multi billion dollar industry disruptor.  Storage 2.0 rg’s latest innovation has just raised the bar that much higher for the rest of the Self-Storage industry.   By being the first entity in the world to utilize this technology, Storage 2.0 rg not only delivers liquidity to its own investors, but also leads the way on the wave of high tech self-storage solutions.  Mr. Gallas did hint that this was only the first of many jaw dropping innovations being patented and released this year.   With its sights set on completely disrupting the traditional  self-storage model, Storage 2.0 org is sure to be the tech leader to watch in the storage industry for 2018 and beyond.   Launching first in St. Petersburg, the Fetch 2.0 robot, will be available in other markets as soon as the second quarter of this year, through select Storage 2.0 rg franchises.