WhereintheW - A Website That Can Search And Find Text That Appears On Your Bookmarked Pages Launched

WhereintheW.com is a web bookmarking service that enables users to index and search the text within the user’s bookmarks.

Online PR News – 29-April-2009 – – Delhi, India -WhereintheW.com (http://www.whereinthew.com) is a web bookmarking service that enables users to index and search the text within the user’s bookmarks. It’s a web 2.0 site which provides enough tools to let you bookmark on the fly while using any of the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera and be able to refer back to it from any system just by typing in a few keywords.

All you need to do is to quickly create an account on the WhereintheW site and start bookmarking. When you start bookmarking using the site, WhereintheW begins to automatically index the actual content of the pages, in a way creating a search engine for your bookmarks – customizable and personalized for every user. Users can also organize the bookmarks into folders and groups very easily.

The service overcomes one of the biggest drawbacks of the existing bookmarking solutions in Internet Explorer or Firefox or even online social bookmarking solutions like Delicious. “WhereintheW is unique as a bookmarking site as it enables users to search within the bookmarks using any keywords – no longer do we have to remember the contents of a site based only on the URL” feels Robin, the co-founder of the site.

With WhereintheW (http://www.whereinthew.com) you will never lose a bookmark again because all you need to locate your page amongst hundreds of your stored bookmarks is to remember a single word that appeared on that page, much like a search in Google.

All your existing bookmarks on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Delicious can be imported into the WhereintheW system very easily. The site also allows for social bookmarking with tools to optionally tag your bookmarks and share them publicly. WhereintheW therefore acts as an excellent tool to explore and find new and interesting websites as well.

How to use WhereintheW in 4 easy steps:

1) Register and Login at http://www.whereinthew.com
2) Install the appropriate add-on for your browser from the "Get Browser Tools" section inside the "My Bookmarks" page. A clickable link appears on your browser's toolbar.
3) Every time you want to bookmark a page click on the add-on link on your browser. The site automatically indexes the page you are on.
4) Retrieve the bookmark by logging into your account and searching for a keyword(s) from the page.

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