Former Heavyweight Boxer Larry Olubamiwo to Play a Lead Role in 'The Middle Man'

Larry Olubamiwo is slated to take on a lead role in the upcoming film "The Middle Man" written and directed by Philip Howard.

Online PR News – 29-January-2018 – Los Angeles, CA –

Actor Larry Olubamiwo, who’s known for his roles in the films "Cat Face", "Fabric of the Royals" and the series "Life of Hers," has been tapped to take on the lead role of Harlem in the upcoming film "The Middle Man."

A biographical crime drama set in the 1980s "The Middle Man" tells the erratic high-stakes life story of MrH, a fixer in the underground crime world. The middleman for all of the major crime families in London in the 1980s, the film charts MrH’s rise to the top, the deeds he had to do to get there and the way his lifestyle impacted his family and nearly cost him his life.

In the upcoming film Olubamiwo will take on the lead role of Harlem, an underworld crime boss who befriends MrH at a pivotal time in his life when many of the other crime bosses in town are trying to take him out.

"I am so excited to take on this role and be a part of this production," says Olubamiwo. "It reminds of 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' and while this is darker than that film, we all know how successful Lock, Stock went on to become and I see the same potential in this film."

Slated to begin filming later this year, "The Middle Man" is written and directed by renowned filmmaker Philip Howard ("Radio with No Windows," "All About Janet"), who is also known for his recurring role on the BAFTA Award winning series "Peaky Blinders" and "Dickensian." The film is based on Howard's life, which he wrote about in detail in his 2015 book "Being the Middle Man."

Howard says, "I chose Larry to play Harlem as he looks and acts very much like the actual Harlem. He is also a great actor who is dedicated to his craft."

Prior to making a name for himself as a leading actor Larry Olubamiwo carved out a reputation for himself as a professional heavyweight boxer. After ending his professional boxing career in 2012 Olubamiwo’s acting career took off at an astonishing pace and he quickly gained representation with London-based talent agency Imperium Management.

"At times I do miss boxing, especially when there's a big fight on. The adrenaline of being in that ring is second to none and I love the rawness of going toe to toe with another man and seeing who comes out on top," Olubamiwo admits. "But I get a similar feeling when acting, especially when doing theatre work as it’s live and if you mess up there’s no second take."  

Last year Olubamiwo gave a riveting performance in "Silent Screams," which ran during UK Black History Month at The Broadway Barking Theatre in London. Taking on the starring role of free church minister Reverend Joseph Chilembe, Olubamiwo earned rave reviews for his commanding work in the play, which told a fictional, but insightful tale about the many ways World War One affected Africa and its people.

While Olubamiwo's performances in the theatre have undoubtedly fueled the actor's adrenaline and revealed his skill under pressure, it's his on screen work that's led him to become such a well-known figure in the entertainment industry across continents. From his starring role in the award-winning series "Life of Hers" as the stern but caring father Mr. Balogun to that of Reynolds in "Honour Amongst," a professional thief who blackmails his former partner to get what he wants, Olubamiwo has proven his capacity to seamlessly portray a diverse range of characters with complete believability.

In 2016 Olubamiwo took on the pivotal role of Kaka, a mystical African priest with otherworldly powers, in the film "Cat Face," which was awarded last year at the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards.  

"Cat Face" director Ogodinife Okpue says, "One of my main goals in 'Cat Face' was to make a cinematic experience out of Nigerian mysticism... I auditioned quite a few actors until I came across Larry. His onscreen presence, range, enthusiasm and creativity in crafting the chants really added to the ritual scenes and from the feedback I got from the audience, I gathered his scenes were some of the best in the film. I believe his performance surely helped in making the audience pick 'Cat Face' as their choice for the award."

Okpue is currently working on an upcoming feature film about human tracking, and Larry Olubamiwo has already been tapped to take on a lead role in the film.