Sharon's Envoy To The White House, Arie Genger, Now Serves As Managing Partner At AGDB Holdings

Arie Genger, former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's special envoy to the White House, now serves as Managing Partner at AGDB Holdings LLC.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – Arie Genger is a recognized businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. A Managing Partner of AGDB Holdings, he has been active and successful in various initiatives, both in business and in public life.

Charitable Contribution

Arie Genger is a strong proponent of education and public healthcare, and has generously contributed towards both of these causes. He supports programs within his native land of Israel that promote Jewish education, and he has created special funds at Israel's top universities, as well as given financial contributions to hospitals in Haifa and in the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

His many educational initiatives include creating two funds, the Pinchas Riklis Memorial Foundation Prize within Bar Ilan University, and the Genger Prize, for exceptional school principals. He is also the founder of a special program that assists immigrants from Russia in their absorption efforts after immigrating to Israel.

Political Presence

Arie Genger shared a special and close relationship with Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel. Having met in 1973, the two have remained close friends. Arie Genger served, over the course of Sharon's political career, in various key capacities. After Sharon became Israeli Prime Minister, he called upon Arie Genger to represent him at the White House, then run by the Bush Administration. Arie Genger joined Prime Minister Sharon for meetings with the president and vice president, as well as with Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and other senior officials.

Educational Background

Arie Genger holds a BA from CUNY in New York, as well as an MBA in Economics and Business Administration from the Bernard M Baruch College in NY. For his outstanding achievement during the MBA studies, he was awarded with the Morton Wollman Medal.