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Question Monkey provides a community to ask, answer, and comment about trivia, questions, and polls provided by other users. Each question is presented in a “yes”, “no”, “don't know” format which a user must answer before seeing the results and comments for that question.

Online PR News – 28-April-2009 – – Pembroke, NH - Questioning how others feel about certain matters such as are people generally afraid of the dark, do they believe in God, and if they feel stuck in life are examples of natural questions people wonder about day to day. Imagine a website where people can come together to post any question they choose, answer questions by others, see the polling results of these questions, and also comment and create a public discussion with others over any of these questions. Throw in easy searching functions, lists of most watched questions, most recently posted questions and you end up with a trivia site that is fun, interesting, and easy to use.

“I like how easy it is to move from question to question and quickly see results. Some of the results are also quite surprising! It becomes quite addicting.” says Jackie Osborn, a college student who uses the site regularly in her spare time.

Creating a community, where people can come together to post questions on their mind or wondering how other people feel about is one of the central focuses of the site. The questions are all yes/no/don't-know questions so they should be straightforward to answer and should not lead to vague or ambiguous results. An account is required for submitting answers on the site in order to maintain the fidelity of the answers and also to prevent spam.

About Question Monkey: Question Monkey is a subsidiary of Iamar Inc. The goal of Question Monkey's is to provide a fun, free, easy, and interesting trivia site for the web. You can find more about us at http://www.questionmonkey.com.