Indian Online Book Store , Booksorbit Launches New Website

Books Orbit is soon to be the buzz word among the avid book reading community. An online books database which offers around 2.5 million books, its mission is to provide an interactive and personalized e-commerce portal.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – Books Orbit, based out of Delhi, is designed to be user friendly. The wide range of books are classified into over 200 categories, which of course benefits the common reader.

Says Ashit Sinha, CEO of Books Orbit, “Books Orbit takes the experience of buying books online to another level. It will be the first e-commerce portal to have a personalized, interactive component, which will be launching in the next few months”.

Ashit also adds that the special feature about Books Orbit is that it amalgamates the thrill of book browsing at a real bookshop, and the ease of online purchasing. “With the kind of experience and service we provide, we project this portal to be the market leader within the next six to eight months”.

The portal also promises an extremely prompt and efficient book delivery system upon placing orders, and payment options that are easy and convenient. With such a rigorous backing system, Books Orbit might just rule the online book buying industry sooner than we think!

And, what more, Books Orbit doesn’t merely stop with easy functionality. “To us, form is an important as content. So, we are very particular about front end appeal, and how we reach out to the user”, asserts Prasanna, Creative Director, who takes care of the end-to-end branding of Books Orbit.

But what about the all important question of Security? The Marketing Head, Ashwin says to this “One can be completely assured that this is a safe, secure and reliable shopping portal, where the buyer’s privacy is respected, and all personal information is withheld with utmost care. The buyer can confidently purchase the books of his choice with no worry”.

One section of this portal that we are told to look out for is the Readers’ Zone section. This will be a free space for people to post their reviews on the books they have just read, comment on their favourite authors or characters, recommend books to each other, and connect with book lovers across the globe.

It is also heartening to know that the people behind this earnest mission are avid book readers themselves- passionate book-geeks who take personal care in translating and representing their loves for books, as best as possible.

What with this clever and apt fusion of corporate and book-loving minds, Books Portal might very well be the heated hype amongst the entire book-reading fraternity in a few months!

Ashwin, adds enthusiastically that with the launch of the web portal, there will be great package deals, discounts up to 40 percent, and books at staggeringly low prices!

So to all you geeks, housewives, entrepreneurs, students, professors- wait and watch out for Books Orbit to take you by storm! Happy Buying and Happy Reading!