Minus Releases Excellent Apps for the Desktop and Android Mobile Phones

Minus, a online sharing platform whose emphasis, much to user delight is on developing an ultra-simple user interface offers two newly released apps, the Minus Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux and the Minus mobile app for Android Phones aimed at even better accessibility than before for its users.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – Minus, a relatively new but trending online sharing site with the motto, “Share Simply” enables users to drag-n-drop photos and files onto it’s website to upload instantly, keeping user involvement down to a minimum and thus ensures maximum productivity. Min.us is targeting those who seek a nifty way to share their images and files without the hassle of creating user accounts or fiddling around with dialog boxes. The recent release of two new apps for Minus, namely the new Minus desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux and the Minus mobile app for Android phones will assist users to drag-n-drop photos with even more convenience than before when the user needed only to visit min.us to get started and registration is optional.

Users can download the desktop and mobile application at http://min.us/pages/extras Downloading the desktop app enables an icon that resides on the taskbar. All the user has to do to share images and files is drag-n-drop the appropriate files onto the icon and wait for it to upload. Once uploaded, miniature sized links, automatically generated, appear and these can then be used to both share and edit the files inside the gallery that can contain up to fifty items. The links can be used to share the images and files amongst the user's family and friends. User reactions for these very recently released apps sound enthusiastic to say the least and with options like file sharing appearing on the horizon, min.us is looking set to establish itself firmly in the must-use category of online sharing sites. Social networking sites are abuzz with users of Minus commenting on every new feature this online sharing facility comes up with. But the desktop and mobile app for android phones is expected to bring Minus closer than ever to its goal of simple sharing. The Minus mobile app for Android phones is especially expected to more or less eliminate niggling problems users commonly encountered when using online sharing sites on a mobile platform.

John Xie and Carl Hu, the co-founders of Minus believe that their proactive approach of listening and acting based on user feedback have been effective in improving Minus and will continue to add new features based on user feedback.
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