Zumex: Meet The World’s Most Profitable Orange Juicer!

Here is the latest juicy fact to be introduced on the US market from Zumex – a world leading orange and multifruit juicing equipment manufacturer from Valencia, Spain: the Versatile Self-Service orange and citrus juicer.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – Zumex is world-known as the “Mercedes-Benz” of industrial juicing equipment. With nearly 5,000 pieces of equipment throughout the US in establishments as varied as football stadiums to cruise ships to shopping mall kiosks, the line-up of the Zumex Minex, Zumex Essential (Z100), Zumex Versatile (Z200), Zumex Speed (Z38), and Zumex Multifruit are the veritable juicing counterparts of the C,S,E, and SL class of the prestigious German car manufacturer.

Watch out competition! Now, Zumex is introducing the Versatile Self-Service juicer.

“The very first batch of Versatile Self-Service juicers is to arrive in the US just in time to treat yourself to a wonderful New Year’s present.” Says Eric Guth, sales director for Freshly Squeezed LLC, the distribution company that has helped get Zumex to this point in the US market: “It has the production capabilities of the regular Zumex Versatile (please, see Zumex video) machine – 22 oranges squeezed per minute, but it no longer needs to be turned on or off for squeezing parts to run. All you need to do is press the tap down and the machine starts juicing. Just like its big brother, the Zumex Speed Self-Service.” Says Paul Sabatino, Freshly Squeezed’s regional sales rep.

As Polina Chernomorets, president of Freshly Squeezed loves to say: “ BTW, parts are cheap for this equipment, and it costs only a couple hundred more than a regular Versatile. Every breakfast place, family restaurant, respectable grocery store, and banquet hall should have one!”

Freshly Squeezed LLC has been with Zumex for the past three years of its expansion program. As a major sales force behind Zumex juicers and Zumex juicer parts in the USA, Freshly Squeezed is proud to have helped to make this happen. You can learn more about their unique product line at: http://www.drinkfreshlysqueezed.com

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