Royal Wedding T-Shirt Ban By The Lord Chamberlain

T-Shirts are amongst souvenirs not allowed to use the royal devises and royal trademarks relaxed for the royal wedding souvenir industry. t-shirt printing companies are finding ways to get round this ban

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – The bumper year for royal wedding souvenir sales has been curtailed somewhat by the Lord Chamberlains office. Although Prince William has approved the rules relaxing trade mark laws governing commercial use of Royal Photographs and insignia to be used on royal souvenirs , T-Shirt Printing companies are not allowed to use the royal devices on their merchandise.

However this doesn’t spell the end for the royal souvenir t-shirt, as long as T-Shirt Printers avoid the royal coat of arms and anything officially trade marked. Sainsbury’s have already released their own royal wedding t-shirt . The T-Shirt which is already in store and retailing for £10, is designed in line with the playground song” Kate and William sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G”. It’s not just the Royal Family fans that are buying T-Shirts it seems that the royal wedding has also created a market for anti-royal t-shirts, plenty of internet sites are selling merchandise with anti royal sentiment being displayed.
How big an event in terms of T-Shirt sales this royal wedding will be is yet to be seen, Will the same Royal Wedding fever that gripped the nation in 1981 take over the nation? A boost to the t-shirt printing industry would be more than welcome particularly in the light of the current cotton crisis that is pushing the price of t-shirts sky high.

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