Dutch website about the different forms of pain

Dutch portal site that covers topics about different kinds of pain that we suffer in our life time.

Online PR News – 08-February-2011 – – Pijnwijzeronline is an informational site which talks about the different forms pain we can sometimes experience.
It covers a variety of pains from menstrual pains to the common headache.

The website provides a clear biological explanation that any laymen can understand.

It also provides some simple pain prevention information which is often the best way to avoid the possibility of suffering from any of the above ailments.

The site also has information regarding the different kinds of painkillers and when each painkiller will be appropriate to use. It also provides important info about the responsible use of painkillers and takes care to explain the difference between over the counter and prescription painkillers and how you can identify them. It is always BEST to consult your doctor before any painkillers is ingested! It is always good to be absolutely sure that a particular painkiller is safe for you, especially if you have doubts! If you don't know then ask your local doctor!

Finally there is also a section which talks about some of the different brands available in the Netherlands for each type of pain. Of course this information is for Dutch nationals only or people that speak dutch!
Want to know more then check the site: http://www.pijnwijzeronline.nl