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Online PR News – 22-January-2018 – New York/NY – Despite various directives and assertions by the Pharmacy Medical council. Government stated their doctors to prescribe the cheap and low cost generic drugs to their patients. Due to non proper marketing of these generic drugs into the market, people are not aware and tends to purchase branded medication that cost so much and result are also not sure about that products for the common people. Private hospitals and clinics are making money and increase the treatment rates with their own. A big thanks to the GenericPharmacyPills which offers the live saving generic drugs to the every people without their own mean.

While on prescription paper, common man are little hesitated to ask the doctors or medical experts to write generic medicines instead of high cost branded medicines. It is responsibility of doctors to prescribe the generic medicines rather than branded medication to all without any consent. Also there is a misunderstanding about the cheap generic medicines that they are less effective due to its prices rather than branded drugs. Time comes that people knows about the nail biting truth that generic medicines is as same as the branded medication at low and cheap cost available at all government hospitals and clinics. GenericPharmacyPills provides those all generic medication for all at cheap and low cost fair with various deals and offers. FTC and other security companies appointed by pharmacy governing council will check the bio-similarity and generic equality with the rated brand names.

For more understanding, in market every brand medicines had their generic alternative drugs easily available. Only user has to know the proper name and prescription from the doctor needs to know. Doctor must have written the generic drugs prescription on the paper. Then, customer should whether purchase from either any pharma store or any online generic medicines website. There is number of pharmacies are available with these generic drugs at their online stores. Customer should have proper prescription about the dosage and buy it from certified online pharmacy like GenericPharmacyPills. This attempts only for the safe and wealthier health for the poor patients; they may be taxpayers, employers, public programs. Branded medicines are usually 8-10 times more costlier than there alternative generic drugs.

"Main Objective of this press release is to spread the information about the Cheap generic drugs could be the life saving drugs which saves your life from costlier branded medication and packet saving scenarios."

Generic medication as not harmful, only the proper usage and the side effects should be know before start joining any medical course of action. It improves the human life, improving our society and the economy levels. Generic Drugs provides the same amount of ingredients into the human bloodstream with same rate as per the requirement mentioned. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves the 90% of generic medication in today world and all are safe to use and take 100% benefits from these generic drugs. Today, Generic drugs are bioequivalent to the original branded products as per the research made by the scientists.

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