New Maryland Back Pain Specialist Directory A Blessing For Locals Fighting Debilitating Pain

Maryland citizens who are seeking for professionals to help them with their back pain issues may now turn to, a new directory of leading pain treatment providers servicing the people of Maryland.

Online PR News – 07-February-2011 – – Back pain is not a trivial matter, and when left unchecked, could progress to the point of being chronic, ultimately making it difficult to manage even a simple daily routine. The pervasiveness of back pain among adults has created a vast demand for back pain specialist services, but all too often, the search for a reliable, trustworthy provider proves to be so cumbersome that people end up visiting the first and oftentimes only specialist they find, or worse, they dismiss the search altogether and forge through their daily life as best they can despite the lingering pain. Lower back pain treatment should not be held hostage by search difficulty; to that end, caring individuals have launched, a new directory of leading pain treatment providers for the people of Maryland.

"We have witnessed individuals who, try as they might, are unable to successfully distill a working list of potential pain treatment providers to the point where they can then conduct a comparison test to see who they might want to visit. It's hard to imagine that in 2011, people suffering from a malady as common as lower back pain have to jump through hoops to find a treatment center that's a good fit for them," explains T.C. Melvin, the brains behind the new Maryland Back Pain Specialists Directory. "With our recently launched directory, we hope to provide timely and accurate information for would-be patients. Their back pain is a burden enough. Finding someone to help them shouldn't be."

Despite medical advances and a growing array of allied services as well as pharmaceuticals, the number of Americans fighting back pain persists to levels as high as they were a couple of decades ago. Effective treatments for back pains remain elusive, and reputable back pain specialists are equally hard to find. The cost of care for back pain patients have continued to surprise many, commanding staggering price tags for those seeking relief. A Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study showed that in 2005, 15 percent of US adults claimed they had issues with back pain, and this figure is up from 12 percent in 1997.

Back pain is a complicated condition, one that requires an in depth diagnosis by a seasoned specialist in order to ascertain the proper correction measures. Current patients and advocates highly recommend that prospective patients invest time to conduct a thorough research, and to ask a lot of educated questions. The immediate challenge will be the search for back pain specialists in enough quantity to be able to conduct a screening conversation. For the citizens of Maryland, that process has just been made easier with the newly launched Maryland Back Pain Specialists Directory.

"Back pain is not a trivial matter, and treatment can be a protracted affair," notes T.C. Melvin. "Our hope is that with our new back pain specialists directory, we have contributed even a little bit to help out the whole process."

The Maryland Back Pain Specialists Directory is dedicated to helping individuals suffering from back pain with their search process, and our goal is to be able to render the difficult search process a little bit easier, particularly to those who have been fighting the debilitating effects of back pain for quite some time.

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