NOW Property Preservation and Sam Sesi Clean Foreclosure Homes Environmentally Friendly

NOW Property Preservation and its owner, Sam Sesi, announce its environmentally friendly and trash out contractors in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Pontiac, Detroit, Muskegon, and Port Huron.

Online PR News – 07-February-2011 – – NOW Property Preservation cleans foreclosure homes throughout Detroit, Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Muskegon, Pontiac, and Port Huron with environmentally friendly practices. Sam Sesi, the owner of NOW Property Preservation, wanted to ensure that since there was already damage financially at the properties, he wanted to clean the foreclosure homes in an environmentally friendly way.
After analyzing the thousands of cubic yards of trash removal after a thorough clean, NOW Property Preservation cleans foreclosure homes using sound practices created by Sam Sesi, the owner. All 'trash' that is in gentle condition and another family could use again is reused. Acceptable items during the foreclosure clean are also recycled. Sam Sesi also accounts for all other refuse and ensures that all NOW Property Preservation contractors take all applicable items to the salvage yards and second hand stores. Of course, any other items from the foreclosure homes will go to the local dump site.
Sam Sesi also abides by the environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Sam Sesi states, "If NOW Property Preservation can do its part for the environment where we handle thousands of trash out clean outs for foreclosure homes and use environmentally friendly practices, then we have saved a lot of space in dump yards, assisted with clean air, and helped keep the water supplies clean, It is the future of our children that is important." The environmentally service or as Sam Sesi and NOW Property Preservation like to call it, it is the future of reo practices