Announcing the release of Volume 6 “Johnny's Mini Monster Truck Stops Bullying About Differences”

This book addresses the trending subject of bullying by telling the story of how differences are accepted by Mini Monster Truck who saves the day.

Online PR News – 20-January-2018 – January 19, 2018 Cheyenne, WY – This exciting 32 page book contains 25 real life photos that tell the story of a little boy’s adventures with his child sized monster truck go kart.
This is the sixth volume in the series of The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck that tells the story of how bullying based on differences is thwarted by Mini Monster Truck who saves the day.
Mini Monster Truck helps solve a problem when his ride cars bully based on differences. Mini Monster Truck’s solution comes from his acceptance of all children no matter what their differences are. The plot has the train ride cars help each other to solve a problem and attend a parade. Volume 6, Johnny's Mini Monster Truck Stops Bullying About Differences introduces concepts that educate young readers including diversity and bullying. Mini Monster Truck saves the day with his solution to differences among his ride cars. Audiences will identify with the success proven plot of a common social problem that is introduced and then solved by the heroic efforts of a main character as well as support characters.
Five other volumes are currently available in the series “The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck”. Each book cover is a different color for easy identification by a child.
The goal of this book series is to have entertaining stories to read to children while teaching them new concepts such as colors, contrasts, directions (up and down), recycling, helmet safety, mechanical devices, and more. Unique on-site visits to libraries, schools, and public and private events enable the author to share Mini Monster Truck up close and personal with children throughout the United States. Plans include a book signing/reading tour and children’s ride events. Mini Monster Truck’s appearances include merchandise such as t-shirts and foil inputs of tire monster truck tire treads. Future plans include a toy series featuring the enhancements to be proven in a prototype performance truck along with safety and aesthetic enhancements for the ride trailers. The author is an engineer, inventor, and patent writer. Many exciting features are planned as this theme expands to entertain children the world over.
This book series appeals to a multitude of audiences
• Children ages 2-8
• Parents, grandparents, and adults having children ages 2-8
• Teachers and librarians instructing children of ages 2-8
• Early Readers age 6-8
All six volumes in the series “The Adventures of Johnny’s Mini Monster Truck” are available on Amazon.