The Best Choice For Bulk Messaging Services In India.

No one can deny the fact that after the advent and growth of the cell phones communication in human life has got an overhaul. The Cellphone lets people be in touch with others in a myriad of ways. A person can make calls using it and send message as well.

Online PR News – 28-April-2009 – – The text message service included in the cell phones let people communicate with others in a discreet way. It enables the sender to covey his message without making others aware about it. This is a great advantage and that is why the advertisers and companies haves started using this means to promote their products. Mobile sms marketing has become popular in countries like India. It has affected the advertising industry to a great extent.

There are a number of web sites that offer free online sms services and by using them a person can send sms to anywhere and anyone. However these service providers have certain limitations. Most of the bulk sms providers do not allow the users to use messages containing more than 160 characters. Part of the message also contains the advertisements of the service provider.

The companies that want to inform the potential customers about their upcoming products and services can resort to the services of the bulk sms resellers. Apart from informing the potential clients about upcoming products and promotions, the companies can also make use of the bulk messaging service to take feedback, send seasonal greetings and send reminders. The Bulk sms can be delivered from a computer using an Internet connection.

There are a number of bulk sms providers in India but a business owner needs to select the one that offers him the maximum value added service. He needs to see if the sms service provider allows him to embed extra characters and multimedia contents in the message. If the provider allows usage of sender name then that would be an added advantage.

However if a business owner is looking for a comprehensive and one stop solution to his bulk sms needs he can count on the services of It is a part of the venerable Sammrat Ventures. The latter is the channel partner of the top notch MNC banks in India. It has been serving the industry for the past 9 years. The website is designed to complement the services of the company and enable the users to reap maximum benefits for their ventures. offers a host of services apart from Bulk SMS Marketing that the users can benefit from. It offers Web Designing and Hosting Services, Numerology, Insurance and Investments, loans etc. The users can expect to get a plethora of online services in one site. The company offers its entire services at the most reasonable rate and the users in India can expect to get the best value for their money if they opt for its service.

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