New Website Fosters Entrepreneurship During Shaky Economic Times

Start-up web portal encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and bold investors to take a chance on small businesses offering help every step of the way.

Online PR News – 04-November-2009 – – New York, NY – A new website, offering all of the tools necessary for entrepreneurs to make their ideas take flight, has just been unveiled by Natasha Verela. An entrepreneur in her own right, Verela created the networking website as a gateway into the world of small business for those who need a little boost.

According to Verela, Cube Kicker ( is an integrated web portal that allows people with innovative ideas, talents, and skills to connect with like-minded individuals across the globe to help cultivate those ideas into successful business enterprises.

“While new business ideas surface daily, the current economic climate has seen even more entrepreneurs venturing out into the business world,” says Verela. “We are entering an age of forced creativity where, due to the current economic climate, changes in employment status or an overall passion to become one’s own boss, many individuals are looking to start their own business.”

Unfortunately, many would-be entrepreneurs have reservations about starting their own company, particularly during difficult economic times, or they simply don’t have the resources or even know where to begin. That’s where Cube Kicker comes in.

“Whether a user’s objective is to increase brand awareness, gain new networking opportunities, or find funding for a new project or business, Cube Kicker is the place to be,” she says. “Most entrepreneurs are unaware of the obstacles that can hinder the growth of their business and unaware of the newest methods that can foster growth. Cube Kicker keeps entrepreneurs up to date with relevant information to protect their business interest while providing an opportunity to connect with others around the world.”

In addition to giving registered users the ability to connect with like-minded individuals, increasing global networking opportunities and fostering helpful discussions, as well as access useful business, marketing, financing, and investing information to help their business grow, gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their business models to potential investors who are serious about helping small businesses get off the ground.

“What sets us apart from similar websites is that we aim to match both large and small business with an opportunity to enter the global marketplace,” Verela says. “While most investors won’t even consider small capital investment opportunities, our goal is to connect financially challenged business owners with investors that will.”