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Though international students have many things on their mind when getting ready to travel to the United States for the first time, forgetting to purchase study USA insurance is something which could cause administrative and financial trouble. International Services Inc. have introduced an easier way for students to purchase insurance on their website,

Online PR News – 07-February-2011 – – All students attending an American college must have study USA health insurance plan at the time they begin the registration process to attend classes. Many students either purchase insurance before they come over without doing prior research or else they wait until the last moment and purchase insurance that is far too expensive. Attending college in the United States is a rewarding experience but it is also an expensive one. Failure to buy the right kind of insurance could be a costly mistake. Many students are happy to purchase the bare minimum amount of insurance which does not cover them against dozens of occurrences. This is why International Services Inc. has announced the introduction of special international student coverage plans which protect foreign students from any misfortune that could befall them.

The process of purchasing study USA insurance can be time consuming and downright confusing which is why students are content to purchase the first plan they encounter. The thought of browsing through dozens of websites does not appeal to them. is International Services Inc.’s new website and it can provide students with quotes from dozens of insurance companies within moments. The site is able to achieve this because International Services Inc. is affiliated with numerous top insurance companies in the United States who provide the site with their price list.

The study USA health insurance provided by International Services Inc. lasts for between five days and 36 months. It is possible to simply extend the coverage as long as the student remains eligible for the plan he/she applied for originally. It is also possible to purchase these plans in the United States or from the student’s home country. It should be noted that certain insurance company’s policies are only valid in the country where they were bought. International Services Inc. plans are valid in the United States, regardless of what country they are originally bought from. Students may also choose deductibles ranging from $0 to $2500 if they choose. These plans can be paid for via check, credit card or money order.

International Services Inc. also offers customers non-stop customer service. This is essential in case an emergency occurs and the student does not know where to turn. Aditya appreciated the way the International Service Inc. customer service team were quick to respond and solve her problem: “I purchased insurance from you (International Services Inc.) and I am very pleased to say that the customer service was excellent. The representative was very knowledgeable and guided me through the purchase. I would strongly recommend you to my friends.”

International students are urged to sort out their study USA insurance before arriving on American soil. This will help them avoid any unnecessary problems and delays when the time comes to start college.

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