International Services Inc. Introduce for Americans Overseas

Leaving the United States for foreign pastures can be an arduous process. In all the chaos that leaving brings, many expats forget to purchase insurance and others believe their new country will cover them should they require medical care. International Services Inc. understands the need for peace of mind and has teamed up with America’s best insurance companies to provide Expat health insurance to cover American citizens abroad.

Online PR News – 07-February-2011 – – A mistake many expatriates make is to believe that they are eligible for health insurance in the country they reside in. This is simply not the case, and therefore purchasing a short term insurance policy for travels is important. Through the use of expat health insurance, the occurrence of injury or illness in a foreign country from is far less of a financial burden on a traveler. The above health insurance is just one of the new plans being introduced by International Services Inc. to help Americans abroad.

Different nations charge varying amounts for medical care. Perhaps an expatriate will be fortunate and live in a nation where it is possible to get free healthcare. However, even if this is the case, it is important to understand what level of healthcare is available and decide if purchasing your own plan for privatized care is recommended. The expat health insurance offered by International Services Inc. is available in short and long term form.

Short term insurance can be purchased by expats to cover them for a period ranging from 5 days to 3 years. These plans are specifically designed to cover expats at their temporary residence though they do not offer maternity or preventative benefits. Long term expat health insurance gives worldwide coverage for at least 12 months. This plan covers trips between your country of residence and nation of birth and takes into account maternity benefits. It is even possible to get coverage which takes care of pre-existing conditions.

International Services Inc. also offers expatriate life insurance. This will come as a major relief to expats who find it difficult to get coverage from American insurance companies who generally do not offer coverage for an American citizen living abroad. This policy offers a maximum coverage of $2 million to expats, has a maximum 10 year term and pays the policy limit at the time of the insured party’s death.

The Expat medical insurance policies are underwritten by the best insurance companies in the United States who have teamed up with International Services Inc. to take care of American citizens living abroad. The company website,, allows viewers to compare and contrast the differing insurance policies available to see which one is right for them. This site also has online forms for both long short term insurance which will take visitors only a minute to complete.

Expats seeking to avail of life insurance plans will also need to complete an application online. Expats looking to be insured for more than $350,000 will have to complete a routine financial questionnaire which will be provided once the initial application has been received by the company.

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