Technology helps save money, prevent inconveniences by increasing durability, creating ownership

Online PR News – 17-January-2018 – Denver, Colorado – Elewraps, a startup company that launched in October of 2017, aims to help frustrated consumers deal with the natural fraying and tangling of everyday cords. Its thermoplastic wraps are colorful, flexible and also add durability to cords, extending the life of phone chargers and headphones by mitigating the chances of wire exposure and decay.

For its co-founders, Grant Pope and Zach Frauhiger, both amateur outdoorsmen who enjoy spending time in the mountains, elewraps are a safeguard and a style that they can bring along with them on their experiences.

“When you’re spending time outdoors, you might put your earbuds on and stuff the cords into your jacket,” said Grant Pope, co-founder. “It might not be for a few hours until you pull those cords out, only to realize you’ve made a mess of them while you were hiking, skiing or wandering around downtown.”

Elewraps has been working to grow its sales in the U.S. and already has customers in over 20 states. During the holiday season, Elewraps enjoyed a spike in sales and expects to continue its growth in 2018. Part of the company’s early success is from Pope and Frauhiger’s connections to the Greek system at Purdue University, where the two met as members of the school’s Sigma Chi chapter. Some of their inspiration to start the company came from living in cohabitated environments and experiencing the frustration of losing and mixing up cords when people needed help with a charge.

“It’s so easy to have these problems, to end up wasting time untangling or fixing cords, or even have other people borrow and mix up your belongings,” said Frauhiger. “What we like most about elewraps is that basically everybody in our modern society experiences one of these inconveniences and elewraps helps make their lives a little better in a clear and simple way.”

The company’s main products are elePacks, which consist of two Audio elewraps to wrap a single pair of headphones and one Power elewrap to wrap a single phone charging cable. The items retail for $8, a low cost that Pope and Frauhiger believe will create savings of up to $50 when considering the costs of a new charging cable and set of headphones. The product can save consumers even more if they purchase the elewraps in pairs or a family set, which comes with four elePacks available in a variety of colors.

Pope and Frauhiger hope that consumers see the cords as a fashion and personal statement, as well, considering the array of color choices that are provided. The cord showcases a customer’s individuality instead of having the standard white or black cables that characterize most cords.


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About Elewraps
Elewraps provides an innovative, cost-effective solution to tangling headphone cables, fraying charging cords and accidental family/friend theft of cables. Founded in 2017 by two partners with experience at Tesla Motors and Enterprise, Elewraps aims to help people remove knots, add color and save money in the technology they depend on.