Stardust Awards Winner, London 2017

“Empowering Women to customise their clothing to suit their Personality & Style”

Online PR News – 18-January-2018 – Uttar Predesh – My fascination and passion with fashion led me in 2010, at the age of 25, to start and manufacture my own label ‘Samiksha Bajaj’. I would go to trade fairs in north India to sell my customised garments but after 4 years doing this I wanted more. My experience helped me understand consumer behavior towards customisation and at the same time I began to realise that traditional manufacturing methods relied almost totally on human activity and were time consuming.

The limitations of the traditional manufacturing methods and the emerging application of technology in varying industries motivated me to do some research as to how technology could be applied in the fashion industry to better meet consumer trends towards personalised fashion. My research led me to do further studies at the London College of Fashion in 2014-15 during which time I formed a team and created Samshék.

My vision was to have a luxury store in a major city where the discerning lady walks in and views the western styled designer collection on the displays, likes what she sees but wants something more, something that is personal to her. By using the in-store touch screen technology she co-creates the clothes to her colour, style, neckline, sleeve, dress length etc.
With the in-store body scanner her precise fit measurements are taken and she pays for her chosen clothes knowing that the behind the scenes technology and on-site seamstresses allow her to walk out of the store wearing her chosen garment within 99 minutes after making her purchase.

Me and my team worked on making the vision a reality and we researched the available technology and put our plan together. We then approached the venture capitalists to fund the first store and while they loved the idea, being young and passionate without proven technology experience was not enough, they said “come back and see us when you have some traction”.

We took their words to heart and 2017 has been about establishing our customisable brand through our online store (, which now sells in India, U.K. and USA.

Hopefully, 2018 will be about consolidating on our early sales and going back to raise funds to make my vision a reality.