The Worried and Distressed Find Inner Peace with New Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

BACP accredited counsellor Jeraline George is reaching out to troubled people and her message is simple: we are all resilient beings and through creative counselling and psychotherapy, we can find our inner peace and channel that to a better life.

Online PR News – 05-February-2011 – – You won't find any psychobabble with Jeraline George. This BACP accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist brings to bear her deep professional experience to help get to the root of her client's troubles, and her one on one sessions are renowned for their clarity of purpose and holistic approach. Jeraline George takes a modern and integrative path with her creative counselling and psychotherapy service which has been well received by new and repeat clients alike. Her ability to cut through peripheral noise and maintain focus on the real causes of anxiety enables her clients to experience achieve breakthrough and begin living life full of dreams and aspiration without haste.

Jeraline George has long been a strong proponent of a comprehensive approach to stress relief. Jeraline’s nearly 10 years of experience has taught her that with proper guidance, practically all individuals have the capacity to break out from whatever it is that mentally ails them. Central to Jeraline’s philosophy is the concept that with a clear mind, individuals have a better chance in dealing with anxiety. The resulting reduction of stress eliminates one of the more toxic conditions that many face today, paving the way for a more inspired lifestyle.

"Clients come to me convinced that they will face insurmountable challenges into perpetuity, but through creative counselling and psychotherapy, I am able to help them gain a better understanding of what it is that truly burdens their mind. Once we get through all the symptoms and focus on the root, my clients gain the confidence that they can conquer their demons so to speak, and from that point, they carry on living a healthy lifestyle," explains Jeraline George. "The reality is, inner peace and clarity of mind are the keys to living a tranquil life; unfortunately, all too often, many succumb to the complexities of life around them, and they end up confused and desperate."

With her new counselling and psychotherapy service, Jeraline brings fresh thinking and solid answers to those in need. She guides her clients and helps them build lasting emotional well-being, and the capacity to overcome difficulties brought about by anxiety and depression. Jeraline taps into her client's inner fortitude and with a deft hand guides them to the realization that they can manage their emotions, avoid negative environments and progressively build self esteem which is the lynchpin to a happy and healthy life.

"Emotional health and well-being is paramount to living life fully, and regretfully too many people carry on day in and day out without regard to their emotional state, convinced that nothing can be done to relieve their condition. With my site, I plan to reach out to as many troubled individuals as possible to let them know that no matter how deep they feel that they have sunk, there is always a way back to the top," notes Jeraline George.

If things are looking pretty bad right now and your problems are making you sad and anxious creative counselling at Counselling & Psychotherapy Now may help. I offer creative counselling to ordinary men and women who just "don’t feel like their old self" and just want some impartial confidential non-judgmental support, so they can feel like themselves again.

Sessions are "bespoke" as an individual action plan is devised so ordinary men and women know how they are moving forward. Clients are provided with a safe space to develop new ways of dealing with problems, find out who they really are, are supported to let go of negative patterns that are messing up their relationships and lives. As you will come to realize the problem you were going through is actually your launch pad to success.

Jeraline George
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