Claudette Roche of The Accent Coach Announces Her Findings on Online Chat Services

Instant messaging and online chatting are becoming more popular in business settings as a way to maintain ongoing communication in a timely manner.

Online PR News – 16-January-2018 – Vero Beach, FL – Instant messaging and online chatting are becoming more popular in business settings as a way to maintain ongoing communication in a timely manner. This method allows people to stay in touch and interact with each other in real-time even if they are not in the same building or even in the same time zone. Business speech coach Claudette Roche recommends companies train their employees on how to use this effective tool efficiently.

Messaging platforms provide a more convenient way to communicate for inter-office employees as well as those who operate from different locations. They can continue to work while interacting with others while responding in a timely manner rather than experiencing the delay that often comes with email. While this new trend is continuing to grow, there are some concerns and issues that must be fully addressed. Companies will need to develop rules and best practices for instant messaging. They will also want to ensure messages are transmitted clearly and understood by all parties involved. As accent reduction coach Claudette Roche explains, without verbal or in-person communication, the recipient must rely completely on what is said.

Language barriers can be just as complex in written communication as in spoken words. One person may use a word that the other isn't familiar with. Roche recommends avoiding all slang in any type of business communication. This includes regional words and phrases that may not be well-known to people in other locations. Even phrases common in the company culture may be foreign to someone working in another location. It's important for people to consider what others hear and not just what they are saying," explains Claudette Roche.

While still in its early stages for many businesses, people at all levels recognize the benefits that come with business messaging apps. It allows people to interact with each other in a fast and efficient way. They can simply send a short message instead of composing a long email. They can ask a question and receive answers from multiple people who are working on a project. Chat also encourages people to send a quick reminder or praise for a job well done. For those who work in remote locations away from the rest of the team, it can help them feel like part of the group. They have as much of a voice on the project as the people in the office. Another benefit is that participants can focus solely on communication related to the project rather than sorting through numerous emails in their inbox that may not be relevant. It enables people to stay on task rather than getting distracted.

Online messaging for businesses has been a success for many companies in Asia and Europe, but it's just now catching on in America. As this phenomenon grows and businesses see the benefits, it will continue to develop. Claudette Roche is a business speech coach who helps companies improve their communication to ensure they are understood and effective. She teaches people how to speak clearly to get their points across and to avoid being misunderstood.

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