Elisiontec Announced Customized VICIDial Solution for Global Clients

Elisiontec has made an announcement to offer their custom VICIDial Solution to clients all over the world.

Online PR News – 17-January-2018 – New York – A notable name in the field of VICIDial solutions, Elision TechnoLab LLP offers a wide range of top notch solutions apart from providing the perfect communication technology to their clients. This company is regarded as an all-in-all VoIP (Voice over IP) solution provider to satisfy all types of telecommunication needs of a company. They have staff that are well-trained, knowledgeable and have all the required set of skills to excel in the field of VoIP solutions and open source. They are the best in whatever they do. With more than 10 years of experience, Elision TechnoLab LLP offers VICIDial solution related services, the aim of which is to make the communication process of the business a lot easier as well as faster.

Recently, one of the spokespeople of the company made an announcement that from now onwards, they will offer Custom VICIDial Solution to their clients. Vicidial is actually a complete outbound as well as inbound call center-based open-source application that has a suite of programs. These programs are made in such a way that at a client computer level, they can communicate with the Asterisk Open-source PBX phone system. This will extend the functionality of your system as well as your phone.

“The VICIDial can work with an Asterisk system that has IAX or SIP trunks, Zap and IAX/SIP/Zap phones. At a ratio or one-call at a time, VICIDial can dial predictively. For inbound calls, VICIDial can act as an ACD (Advanced Call Distribution). It can blend outbound and inbound calls or the closing calls that come from VICIDial frontiers. Also, it lets you have remote agents that may have a phone only. Using the VICIDial Predictive Dialer System and Asterisk PBX, we offer consulting services for configuration of the call Center Voice Processing System for both outbound and inbound call centers. In order to make this solution apt, we have used our in depth core knowledge of VICIDial code. We have made some advanced VICIDial modules that can be integrated with your current VICIDial solution. With these modules, you get to add additional functionality that can assist you in enhancing agent productivity as well as revenues. In your VICIDial call center solution, you can integrate one or more than one module.”, shared the spokesperson of the company.

Some of the modules of the VICIDial call center solution developed by Elisiontec are listed below:

- Email module
- SMS module
- Sticky Agent
- Soundboard avatar module
- Survey module
- Disposition bucket module
- Custom billing module
- Custom recording agent
- Advanced security module
- Sticky agent
- Graphical reports

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