Adil Bayat Pres. of Yummy Yogurt announces new flavors

Local frozen yogurt company adds new flavors to the menu.

Online PR News – 05-February-2011 – – Yummy Yogurt, owned by Adil Bayat, has been serving natural frozen yogurt since 2007. Adil Bayat added 35 new flavors to the menu to compete with the competition.

These new flavors include fruits like pomegranate and acai, more traditional yogurt flavors like chocolate and the especially unique like toasted marshmallow. Instead of the flavors coming out of machines, like with the mango and original flavors, they are hand-mixed to order.

“I’ve tried to expand the options for people who may not typically come into a store just to get frozen yogurt,” Adil Bayat said.

His customers are already reacting to the changes.

Business has increased for Yummy Yogurt since the addition of their new flavors.

Corporately-owned competition like TCBY and YogaBerry inspired Adil to add the flavors, but his ideas have been in the works for a while.

Yummy Yogurt, whose recipe is “a closely guarded secret,” is 99% fat free and is 25 calories an ounce. Most of the toppings are also health-conscious, with add-ons like fruit, granola and cereal.

This focus on natural ingredients and healthy indulgence targets a specific audience and gives the business its own niche.

With the many new flavors to try, there is something for everyone, tart or sweet.

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