Halmari Tea Introduces a New Assorted Tea Sampler Pack with 10 Variants

Halmari introduced a new assorted tea sampler pack. With 2 sachets of 10 tea variants, containing 20 tea bags has been designed for gifting tea enthusiasts.

Online PR News – 17-January-2018 – Kolkata, West Bengal – Halmari Tea has recently introduced a new assorted tea sampler pack containing 10 variants. The pack is presently available online at this company’s official website.

Halmari, being a renowned tea brand in the global arena, thrives to reach out to more potential customers not only in India but also worldwide.

“Besides reaching out to clients, we also want to promote the culture of tea gifting among people. Our new pack has been launched as the perfect gift for tea enthusiasts,” said the CEO of Halmari.

The new sampler pack contains sachets of 10 premium tea variants namely, Oolong tea, Masala Chai, Chamomile tea, English Breakfast, Green tea, GTGFOP1, White tea, Orthodox tea, Earl Grey tea, and Lemon Green tea.

Halmari Tea has chosen the variants carefully bringing all, from flavourful to strong blends of their exotic brews, in one box.

The company is offering 2 samples of each variant with total 20 sachets in a single pack. Each of these pouches contains a pyramid tea bag which holds precisely infused, aromatic leaves.

Just for readers’ information, pyramid tea bags by Halmari are triangular in shape and made of Japanese fuzzo nylon. The material keeps the tea intact without breaking the delicate leaves and mixes its flavour and aroma smoothly with water and other add-ons.

These are also convenient to use while travelling. Each of these holds 2gms of tea leaves.

Halmari has also emphasised on the packaging of the sachets in their new tea sampler box. According to the senior marketing manager, “The designing and overall packaging have been done keeping in mind the purpose of gifting it.”

What is likely to grab the attention of customers or in that case, the receivers of this gift pack, is the colour combination of the sachets and their arrangements in an elegant black box. All sachets come in saffron, white and black colours, arranged in the sequence of the Indian tricolour.

As informed by company officials, they are offering all of these at reasonable rates online so that every enthusiast can avail the best product from the finest tea gardens of India.

This new assorted sampler tea pack is presently available at Halmari’s official site. Customers can place their orders online following the usual purchase procedure. Halmari also has free shipping facility along with considerable set-up for worldwide delivery.

With this latest offer, this company is presently aiming to enhance their client experience in the potential market.

About the company:

Halmari Tea, based in Upper Assam in Eastern India, is a premium tea brand having both national as well as international prominence. The company prides on having 100 years of legacy in this tea manufacturing and distribution business. With a labour strength of around 700 and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Halmari’s finest tea variants have earned Global Tea Championship accolades for 3 consecutive years – 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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