Dona Maria is a member of the Grammy Awards Recording Academy 2018.

Dona Maria in the Grammy Recording academy 2018

Online PR News – 17-January-2018 – CA – Dona Maria is a member of the Grammy Awards Recording Academy 2018.rnrnThe Grammy has sent a congratulatory message to Dona Maria welcoming her as a key member of the Grammy Committee and are more than happy to have the artist join them and that she should be proud of this new title and despite her young age, she has proved to be a that many follow. The last work of the artist was a song that for the first time Dona Maria sings the Khaliji and its Latin Escucha Mi. Her Latin songs has received acceptance and support from the Latin community since her first unforgettable appearance in La Mosh Ayza and No Quiero in Latin and we are curious to know more about this multi-talented artist that is known as a singer, writer, and composer in Arabic and Spanish who sings multiple genre and is dazzling when she sings Latin Western. Dona Maria a young lady with many talents and we are proud of her accomplishments everywhere and as we learned that she is waiting for her first child after her marriage in 2016 to a US engineer and is residing in the United States of America, we send Dona our warm congratulations. The artist also told us that she finished her new album which will be released on the market in June 2018 produced by her company DM the NO music; physical distribution by a German company NOVA MD; Lyrics and melodies by Donna Maria.