Triangle Direct Media’s SEOtool, Selected To Present At Internet Summit 2009 DEMO Showcase

Triangle Direct Media, a premier new media marketing and search optimization firm, is one of 12 finalists selected to present at the Internet Summit 2009 show in Raleigh where they will unveil their innovative technology platform, SEOtool.

Online PR News – 03-November-2009 – – CARY, NC – Industry leading new media marketing firm, Triangle Direct Media (TDM), was chosen to present its new SEOtool as part of the Internet Summit 2009 DEMO Showcase. SEOtool is an innovative, on-demand technology that allows website owners to pinpoint exactly what they must do to their site architecture to increase their organic search engine rankings.

SEOtool is an enterprise-level SEO platform that gives marketers SEO metrics about their entire website so that they can execute SEO with priority and intent. It fetches, parses, and analyzes entire websites, analyzing more than 175 page-level attributes while reporting on more than 50 site-wide SEO conditions and identifying specific problems and giving sound solutions.

SEOtool breaks new ground in that most SEO technologies focus on analyzing backlinks or site content rather than the actual site architecture. However, poor website structure is often the cause of problems for search engine crawlers and hurts organic rankings.

"Quality link building campaigns have proven to be the most influential metric to keyword-driven organic rankings, while on-page site architecture continues to be the greatest liability for most websites. Many sites suffer from poor CMS platforms, duplicate content, canonicalization, over and under optimization and algorithmic penalties assessed by search engine crawlers for poor code and site structure practices," stated Tony Feriozzi, President of Triangle Direct Media (

"SEOtool eliminates the guesswork and allows site owners to quickly discover hard to find architectural issues -- which, when fixed, lead to a boost in organic ranking performance. It enables a degree of certainty that the issues were addressed correctly during implementation," continued Feriozzi. "We're excited to unveil SEOtool at IS09! The Raleigh-Durham region has consistently been a pioneer in innovative web technologies and we're proud to have been selected as a DEMO finalist."

Recent studies have indicated that 86% of search budgets go to Pay Per Click (PPC), while 12% go towards SEO campaigns. In contrast, studies consistently show that 75% of consumers click on the organic results in search engines, which are affected by SEO, while 25% click on the paid ads (PPC results). The single greatest opportunity for most websites is to increase their site's search-engine friendliness, which is precisely where SEOtool comes in.

“We’re excited to feature the launch of SEOtool at this year’s Demo,” said Eric Gregg, Director of Internet Summit 2009. " Today, SEO is such an essential component of every web marketing strategy. SEOtool’s unique technology platform should afford them great opportunities in the rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar search optimization market.”

Internet Summit will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina November 4-5th, featuring dozens of industry thought leader speakers from such companies as Google, Microsoft, Technorati, ESPN, Digg and Expedia among others.

About Triangle Direct Media: Triangle Direct Media is a new media marketing firm providing innovative link building, SEO, blog and content marketing solutions to hundreds of clients across the country. The firm's SEO audit services are proving to help clients determine their SEO strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, allowing them to execute on a custom strategy to generate maximum results. The creation of SEOtool ( takes the company's commitment to organic SEO to a new level -- allowing clients unprecedented access to their website architecture problems and opportunities for improvement.

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