Now Open BKF Files Windows 7/XP With Added Benefits Of BKF Repair Tool For The Same Price Only

The SysTools group considers making innovations as the prime motto of the company. The SysTools group of companies never compromise with the quality and quantity of the work offered. The advance version of the SysTools BKF repair software which is rich with features is available for the same price that was before even the features are added.

Online PR News – 04-February-2011 – – Gothenburg, Sweden, February 03, 2011- SysTools re announces about the added features of the high efficient software SysTools BKF repair software and that also is available for the same price as before. The amount that the customer had to invest was $89 for personal license and $180 for the business license, the same is applicable for the new improved version also.

The added features will enhance the performance of the software to restore system from backup, restore system state from backup, and restore specific BKF with a specific file.

The restore backup EXEC BKF file will be carried out in such a way that open BKF files windows 7( BKF file XP is possible. So, most of the people depend on the BKF restore tool for BKF recovery and BKF repair to open BKF file free of corruption.

Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) “SysTools prime motto is to innovate the products, but only without compromising with user benefits, that’s why our prestigious product SysTools BKF repair software even modified with added features is available for the old price itself. Hope you all will utilize the added benefits to open BKF files windows 7.”