Press release on the workshops conducted in Singapore and Hongkong
11 January 2018
Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, a medical communications company, conducted twoworkshopsin Singapore (7th July,, 2017) and Hong Kong (13th July, 2017) on “Best Practices in Advisory Board Management: Role of Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Professionals and Medical Writers”. Turacoz aims to assist pharmaceutical companieswith publication support through the life cycle of a product. In addition, Turacoz specializes in providing trainings on topics relevant to publications, clinical research, regulatory submissions, and medical writing (basics and advanced). Most pharmaceutical companies are still developing their skills in conducting successfuladvisory board meetings, Turacoz focusses on providing expert insights on successful advisory board meetings. During both the workshops, Dr. Namrata Singh, Director, Medical Services at Turacoz Healthcare Solutions, resolved the queries of all the delegates related to fiveagendas: first one focused on the advisory board meetings, its types, its importance and the stakeholders involved in it. The second agenda comprehensively explained the life cycle of an advisory board meeting with a special emphasis on the role of each key player at each stage of meeting. Maintaining the quality and enhancing the implementation of clinical practice guidelines was the third agenda for discussion. The fourth agenda enlightened on the tracking and monitoring of the transparency inlegislation and physician payments, while the last one discussed about the Delphi Method. “The aim these workshopsis to provide training and updated information to the pharmaceutical and budding healthcare professionals regarding the needfor advisory board meetingsto resolve medical and commercial challenges” said Dr. Namrata Singh. She also added that Turacoz firmly believes in trainings and workshops which help in clarifying numerous doubts for organizational as well as individual development. The training sessions were completely interactive, starting from presentations to the live assignments with case studies and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Furthermore, reading material was also provided to all the attendees for better and in-depth understanding. To learn more about the upcoming events, workshops, conferences, or query on medical writing training, visit the parent website at or contact Dr. Namrata Singh at