Fleet Insurance Company Launches H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign

Due to concern for their customers and all UK drivers, the UK fleet insurance company, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, has launched the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign, on 2nd February 2011.

Online PR News – 04-February-2011 – – London, UK ( onlineprnews ) February 03, 2011 - Due to concern for their customers and all UK drivers, the UK fleet insurance ( http://www.cover4fleetinsurance.co.uk ) company, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, has launched the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign, on 2nd February 2011.

As modern living puts added stress on drivers, especially those who do it for their living and spend large amounts of time of the road, this fleet insurance company has designed the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) Campaign.

Simply put, this campaign aims to increase the awareness patterns of UK drivers by instilling the habit of heightened awareness while on the road.

Take note that Heightened Awareness Driving (H.A.D.) is a driving method which could assist you in avoiding road problems using a detailed journey plan prior to travelling. It also makes use of observation, concentration as well as anticipation while riding on the road. Also, a heightened awareness driver does not simply focus on his actions; he similarly anticipates actions of other road drivers.

The main objective of heightened awareness driving is to decrease the probability of incidents or collisions despite the behaviour of other on-the-road users as well as current driving conditions.

One of the critical aspects of heightened awareness driving is one's ability to look out for hazards. Anything which requires you to change your speed or change your vehicle's on-the-road position could be classified as a hazard.

The first step to heightened awareness driving is to basically plan your journey as well as make sure you have a sufficient amount of time for your journey.

Once you are on the road, heightened awareness drivers essentially need to follow the following rules:

Place your eyes 15 seconds ahead not just at the car in front. Do make sure you aim down the road as it helps you be prepared for uncertainty as well as make smaller and less steering corrections. It also helps you predict events which you might need to react to.

Keeping your eyes and allowing it to scan your immediate environment helps you see further ahead and so makes you aware of hazards.

Try to keep a safety space around you as it allots you opportunity for more time and options.

Make sure other users of the road see you. Try to give early, effective and clear signals.

Other basic components for Heightened Awareness Driving include the following:

- Drive only when you need to - be aware that other types of communication as well as transport are a lot safer, more efficient as well as good for the environment.
- Be updated with traffic laws as well as the basics on how your own car functions.
- Keep your car in very good condition.
- Be prepared always and give ample time for long journeys.
- Make sure you are properly relaxed and try not to take medications or alcohol which could affect your concentration.
- As much as possible, be always alert and fit to drive.
- Anticipate possible hazards from other road users and motorists, pedestrians, equipment and weather. Always take steps to lessen risks.
- Avoid dangerous manoeuvres such as attempting to defeat red lights.
- Try not to be sidetracked.
- Drive at a safe distance and speed from the cars around you.

All in all, the different elements connect to the primary purpose of heightened awareness driving- to perform everything you possibly can to decrease road crashes. Be aware that heightened awareness driving not only saves lives; it also has tons of benefits. Essentially, heightened awareness drivers experience less stress and are involved in less road rage incidents.

Heightened awareness drivers also get to put aside more money. Driving in a smooth and steady manner using focus and concentration is very much fuel efficient and gets you to your destination quickly.

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