ASA Insurance Offers Opinion on The Results of a National Industry Driver Study for Utah

According to a study done by QuoteWizard in 2016, Utah ranks first for the worst drivers in the country.

Online PR News – 09-January-2018 – Salt Lake City, Utah – According to a study done by QuoteWizard in 2016, Utah ranks first for the worst drivers in the country. The company is a website that compares insurance plans from one state to another, and it placed Salt Lake City in the number two spot for cities, right behind Sacramento, CA. According to ASA Insurance, a car insurance company in Salt Lake City, the study included comparisons of traffic tickets by state and car accidents as well as the rate of drunk driving.

Utah received the top ranking even though it never took the top spot for any single tested area. However, the study showed that the drivers had more violations per insured motorist than any other state. The state made the top ten for DUIs at number nine. However, Utah also ranks low on the number of car-related deaths compared to other states. This number is especially low in the more rural areas of the state. On the other hand, the number of fatalities has gone up by 27 percent from 2013 to 2016. As Utah has been experiencing a higher number of births in recent years, it means more people will be out on the roads in coming years, especially young drivers. Inexperienced drivers often account for many of the accidents and traffic violations as they learn how to adapt to changing circumstances in their environment.

"Nothing replaces experience in driving," says Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance. He recommends that all new drivers take a safety course to help them learn defensive driving. "If it's been a while, even seasoned drivers could learn something from a refresher course."

If it’s been a while even seasoned drivers could learn something from a refresher course.

The onset of winter is often a dangerous time as many drivers seem to need to relearn the mechanics of driving on snow and ice. Anderson recommends checking to make sure the vehicle has the right tires for the winter weather to provide enough traction. He also suggests carrying the right items in case one is involved in an accident since there are times when it cannot be avoided. Parents should help their teen drivers be prepared if it is their first winter driving in the snow. They also need to make them aware of the penalties of breaking the driving laws of the state, which includes steep fines and higher car insurance premiums. Another weak area for many drivers is dealing with construction. It is a good idea to use one of the traffic apps available to avoid these areas if possible or to be prepared for delays and slow down.

While people in every state may feel like they have to deal with some of the worst drivers, Utah has gained the unfortunate title based on solid information. However, it is possible to change this designation through cautious and safe driving. Reducing the number of traffic violations and car accidents will make the highways safer for everyone and put Utah in a better light for the next safety survey.

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