Enigmatic, Progressive Ambient Music With World Tint From Home Producer 'Dr. Sounds'

Swedish Musician 'Dr. Sounds' Has Created Three Hours Of Avant Garde Ambient Music From His Home.

Online PR News – 04-February-2011 – – As a mixture between Karsh Kale's enigmatic world, Biosphere avant-garde atmosphere and well-known progressive ambient music, Cobresia is an intriguing music installation that features over three hours of avant garde music.
The valueable content is the ambient symphony 'Sigil for Life' which are generated by the author's playing on the keyboard live with an open source software in two overlays, and combines Scfi-sounds with enigmatic mystical symphony tones.
Another gem of the release is the song "Merry Christmas" which tends to mixes western christmas sounding with africa/indian horns and chords.

The album was done as an school project and is released on the global music marked by the Stockholm based company 'Record Union' (who are a stockholm based company), which iself allows anyone to upload and publish their own music on the global music network by their 'liberating-music' market strategy. They distributed the works by the now more world-awarded artist 'Nomy' which did his sucess by the internet.