Pro-Medics Introduces New Heart Attack Prevention Medication

Pro-Medics is proud to introduce generic Tenormin to their extensive line of blood pressure lowering hypertension medications.

Online PR News – 03-November-2009 – – November 3, 2009 – Milan, Italy – is an online pharmacy that focuses heavily on heart health and the prevention of heart disease. While Pro-Medics has stocked blood pressure lowering medications in the past, they are extremely proud to now add Generic Tenormin to their growing list.

Pro-Medics currently stocks all of the popular blood pressure prescription drugs online, and adding Tenormin only helps round out the selection, allowing customers to take an active stand against heart disease in their lives by choosing the treatment that works best for them.

Ralph Rowe, Pro-Medics Company Product Development Manager explains: "As heart disease becomes more and more prevalent around the world, we at Pro-Medics believe that heart-conscious customers should have a wide variety of choices when it comes to lowering their blood pressure and decreasing their risk of heart attack. That choice would be incomplete without generic Tenormin as an option."

Generic Tenormin effectively lowers blood pressure and treats hypertension and angina, allowing users to lead full and normal lives. And unlike other hypertension medications, Tenormin provides added benefits of preventing migraines, reducing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and of treating anxiety. People who take generic Tenormin find that their heart pumps blood at a more regular rate, thus reducing stress on the heart and reducing blood pressure. Generic Tenormin is FDA-approved.

There is a live medical support staff available at all times who can help customers determine if generic Tenormin is for them. There is no prior prescription needed for online Tenormin.