IBS Investment Bank Recommits $105MM for Florida CRE Realtors and By-Owner Sellers

IBS Investment Bank today announced it has reallocated $105MM for investments in the Florida small balance investment and commercial real estate market.

Online PR News – 08-January-2018 – Fort Laduerdale, Florida – Based private equity firm IBS Investment Bank a division of Institutional Banking Services, N.A. CORP (IBS, N.A.) today announced it has reallocated $105MM for investments in the Florida small balance investment and commercial real estate market. With access to credit rapidly tightening for buyers of Class 'B' and 'C' small balance commercial real estate and single family investment assets under $7MM, IBS, N.A. has double-downed on its effort to revive this underserved market.

Originally launched as an $85MM commitment in 2016, IBS, N.A. brought its IBS Realtor/Seller CRE Pre-Finance Program to market in expectation of supporting Florida by-owner sellers and listing agents in the expedition of typical market sales cycles. The firm's program allows owners and selling agents the opportunity to gain property-level financing approvals for their single-family investment and small balance commercial properties to further mitigate the risk of extended market exposure due to stalled financing. Through its automated IBS Realtor/Seller Pre-Financing Portal TM, listing agents and property owners are able to register their CRE assets confidentially, online and receive an approval within 24-48 hours. Once an approval has been issued, the owners and agents are authorized to market their properties as assets which are pre-approved for financing. The asset level approvals have shortened the acquisition period by roughly weeks, while providing prospective buyers with the confidence of knowing that the property has successfully passed the preliminary due diligence of a national lender.

"We are enthusiastic about our renewed commitment to the program. Since announcing the program in 2016 we have shifted nearly 60% of our small balance commercial real estate investments to the Florida market. As a Florida-based investor, we couldn’t be prouder. Since 2014 we have provided financing which addresses matters affecting the ability of buyers to execute. In an effort to access traditional financing channels, prospective buyers often receive adverse responses due to issues such as the limited availability of post-closing liquidity, non-resident alien status, historical financials or matters pertaining to the asset class and location of their perspective acquisition. Our investment track-record, industry awareness and robust balance sheet establishes IBS, N.A. as reliable partner to accommodate these common market shortfalls," said Jason Jackson, IBS Investment Bank Chief Investment Officer.

After launching its $225MM SBIR IV Fund in Spring of 2014, IBS has risen as a proven leader in Small Balance Investment Real Estate financing. Without the need of assessing individual or corporate tax returns, the firm was able to provide emerging real estate investors with over $185MM in small balance financings throughout the continental U.S. 2017.

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