Ranch Bucket announces the availability of a range of hand grommeted hats

Ranch Bucket Brands is the brainchild of Brian Morgan, a fashion photographer and wanderlust traveler who took to creating unique, handcrafted hats.

Online PR News – 08-January-2018 – Glendale, Colorado – The journey for Ranch Bucket hat brands started in 2016 after Brian Morgan, a veteran fashion photographer, made up his mind to capitalize on his professional experience. His work and projects enabled him to discover the heartland of USA and also took him to different countries in the world. Eventually, he developed a passion for traveling and became a dyed-in-the-wool adventurer, besides being an acclaimed fashion photographer. While studying at University of Colorado, he gave vent to his wanderlust spirit by travelling around in his humble, old Jeep. It was this rugged vehicle in which he had taken umpteen road trips that became synonymous with Ranch Bucket.
Later on, the unforgettable and priceless moments captured by Morgan’s camera while he journeyed in his Jeep aka Ranch Bucket, became the inspiration for his branded bucket hats. Each and every hat created by the Ranch Bucket team is an objet d’art as well as a veritable collector’s item. The hats, every single one embodies the roving desire of its creator, personified by a rectangular cloth rag which features a snapshot of a landscape-one of the innumerable that Brian has been to. This fabric rag is permanently affixed to two front panel sections via grommets. The caps are created from fabrics, 70% of which is organic cotton with the remainder being recycled polyester.
The steamboat snow cam design is created using desktop publishing software and embossed onto the printing plate via a CTP (computer-to-plate) machine. The printing plate’s design is then embossed on the fabric that has been stitched out of biodegradable materials. The fabric is thereafter torn by hand and finally grommeted to the Ranch Bucket hat. The scenes or sceneries printed on the hat panels are actually illustrations of the original photographs clicked by Brian who has been working as a cameraman from his pad in Denver, Colorado for many years now. The designs are imprinted on industrial grade textile scraps or rags which are eventually fastened onto the caps with grommets. This makes the hats fashioned from upcycled materials not only perfectly environmentally friendly but also adds to the appeal and charisma of the individuals donning them. Creation of upcycled fabrics imparts a value or quality to the material which is noticeably higher than the original product.
The branded bucket hats are available in a wide range of designs and styles. As a matter of fact, every hat listed in the Ranch Bucket website has its own distinct name. There is the ‘Belize’ orange trucker, ‘love summit county’ black trucker, ‘beaver creek’ healthy grey trucker, ‘love summit county’ hemp snapback, ‘south water key’ brown hemp snapback, ‘Belize’ charcoal hemp snapback, and so on. One can log in at the site and select a bucket hat that syncs with his or her persona.