Introducing first class cannabis catering company “Green Panther Chef” where customer’s health and safety is a top priority.

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January 2018

Green Panther Chef is a premier cannabis catering company operating in Washington DC focusing on micro-dosing as well as health and wellness. Green Panther Chef wanted to create a product and service where the growing interest catered to a more mature clientele, and to offer an alternative to the unhealthy edible products that saturate the market. “Many edible makers in this space are only concerned with the amount of money they can bring in on daily basis, instead of providing non-sugar based quality products,” said Chef Jazz, Founder of Green Panther Chef.

Green Panther Chef custom curates each client menu and offers a wide range of services which include the following:

Personal Chef: This service enables you to enjoy great tasting medicinal meals right in the comfort of your own home. This service is open to all who are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo or just plain picky.

Full-Service Event Catering: Green Panther Chef provides you with the highest form of event catering services to ensure each event is an edible experience. Green Panther Chef sets a “High” bar by sourcing only regional and seasonal products for preparation in all their cuisine, guaranteeing you the highest quality and freshness.

Home Cook Kits: This product provides the same great quality of hiring a personal chef, without the Chef. Spices are curated and paired with infused coconut oil, cultured butter, and Olive Oil. Recipes are included and delivered to your doorstep with heating and dosing instructions.

About Green Panther Chef

Jazmine Moore was in her early 20’s in 2006 when diagnosed with Crohn's disease a gastrointestinal disease where she suffered from abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, and fatigue this is the same year she graduated from culinary college. In an effort to treat her disease holistically she began infusing her meals with cannabis based on the knowledge she received through the course of her upbringing. She spent many years trying different strains before getting a handle on what worked best before she knew it her disease was in full remission. Jazmine began applying her knowledge around strain alignment and using French cooking techniques to prepare meals and host dinner parties for family and friends. After the passing of Initiative 71 a voter-approved ballot legalizing the recreational use of cannabis in Washington DC, Green Panther Chef was able to have a greater presence and provide professional food services to this underserved demographic.

Green Panther Chef, is Washington D.C.’s premier full-service cannabis catering company. At Green Panther Chef we value the health and safety of our clients by custom tailoring our menus from “strain to plate”, and offering multiple levels of dosing. We provide exceptional service, dazzling presentation and an elevation to the edible experience. Out knowledge about cannabis and passion for amazing food is what sets us apart from other competitors.
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