Groundhog Doesn’t See His Shadow. Clean Up This Early Spring With The Leaf Loader™

Ingenious Lawn Clean Up Device Now Available at Wal-Mart and Neighborhood Hardware Stores

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – This groundhog day morning in Pennsylvania, groundhog “Punxsutawney Phil” didn’t see his shadow, which means, according to tradition, that we are heading towards an early spring. With snow and ice covering much of the country, this must leave a lot of people scratching their heads.

The rest of them aren’t wasting time scratching; they’re all ready for an early spring with Structured Solutions’ leaf loader, an ingenious garden and yard clean-up device that helps homeowners save hours spent raking, scooping, dragging and bagging leaves and other lawn debris. With its unique funnel design, Leaf Loader slips easily into any bag, can or bin. Its four-foot diameter “wide-mouth” can catch raked leaves from up to ten feet away, eliminating the time-consuming steps of raking into piles and picking them up. And now, the Leaf Loader is available in WAL-MART stores across much of the country. Wal-Mart already stocks THE LEAF LOADER in Georgia, Florida, California, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Utah, Oregon, Virginia, Delaware, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas. The product will arrive in Wal-Marts in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, New York and Missouri by mid-February. Not in these states? Don’t fret. Gardeners can order the LEAF LOADER online for $29.95 from, toll-free by phone at 877.699.6835, through specialty catalogs and retailers, local hardware stores, and at

Leaf Loader creator Mark Noonan offers: “I’ve raked leaves my entire life and always felt that there had to be a better way to streamline the process--a shortcut if you will. Raking into piles, then raking piles onto tarps, or picking up piles, small scoops at a time—the whole process is redundant and inefficient. With our funnel design, raked leaves and debris shoot directly into the bag or can in one easy step, doing away with leaf piles altogether.” With a simple tipping action, leaves and debris pour into the container, allowing for over-stuffing, needing fewer bags to fill and cutting collection time in half in some cases.

Leaf Loader comes with a flexible but rigid-edged frame that keeps it firmly sealed to any surface, including lawns, paths and driveways, so all leaves and debris go directly into the can and don’t slip underneath. Leaf Loader also saves time with other non-yard projects such as gutter cleaning and worksite clean-up. Leaf Loader folds and stores flat when not in use, taking up about the same space as a hula hoop and with a simple twist, instantly pops open again, ready for use. No tools or assembly are required.

“We’re pleased to bring homeowners, renters, gardeners—anyone—more of what they really want on the weekends: time,” concludes Noonan. Video and downloadable images here:

And in the meantime? Planning pays. From where they sit THIS Groundhog Day, retailers are almost sold out of another of Noonan’s creations, the sno wovel (, a unique wheeled snow shovel that uses lever action to make shoveling more effective, easier and safer.

See you next year, Phil!

Structured Solutions creates innovative products to ease the chores of everyday life. By applying substantial experience in technology, engineering and design, Structured Solutions gives consumers ever-better ways to complete work faster, safer and easier. Additional innovations from Structured Solutions include the Sno Wovel wheeled snow shovel (www.snowovelcom); Raxstars soft snowboard/ski racks ( and PaintGards internal paint can lids (

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