The Rothe Financial Group to Rename and Relaunch its Praxis Fund as the ARTAIS Fund

The Rothe Financial Group has renamed and relaunched its Praxis Spoke Fund as the ARTAIS Fund to more solidly convey what the fund has to offer.

Online PR News – 03-February-2011 – – Tysons Corner, Va. – The Rothe Financial Group has renamed and relaunched its Praxis Spoke Fund as the ARTAIS Fund to more solidly convey what the fund has to offer. ARTAIS is an acronym for Absolute Returns Through Adaptive Investment Strategies.

“We believe the new name better represents what the Fund is all about: creating absolute returns regardless of market conditions through actively researched and managed investment strategies,” says John Rothe, President of the Rothe Financial Group and ARTAIS Fund manager. The new name also helps to avoid confusion between several other businesses using the Praxis name. “In the ARTAIS Fund, we have created a successful and unique investment vehicle for our clients, and we feel the name should reflect that.”

Following the recent turmoil in the U.S. stock market, investors have been searching for a better way to invest. Spoke funds have emerged as a solution to the problems inherent with mutual funds, such as lack of transparency and real growth. Using the spoke fund model and decades' worth of investment strategy as a basis, the Rothe Financial Group created the ARTAIS Fund to offer clients at all wealth levels the ability to invest in the stock market the same way large pensions and institutions have for years.

"A typical mutual fund's investment strategy is limited by its prospectus - which was most likely written during a bull market," says ARTAIS Fund manager Rothe. "A spoke fund is flexible. We can move into safe haven investments when necessary and then re-invest to maximize growth when the markets are rebounding. This ability to adapt to changing market conditions is what makes spoke funds so appealing."

In a spoke fund, each investor's account is held separately, but actively managed as a group. When the manager of the spoke fund purchases a security, the same security is bought in all the separate accounts at the same time. This allows quick action on all accounts when market conditions are ripe for growth, and even quicker conversions to cash or bonds when markets pull back.

The ARTAIS Fund is open to U.S. investors with a minimum account size of $25,000. For more information, visit

The ARTAIS Fund is managed by John Rothe, President and Chief Investment Officer of the Rothe Financial Group. The Rothe Financial Group was founded in 2006 to provide institutional-style investment management to individual investors. Prior to starting the firm, John was Vice President & OMEGA Portfolio Manager with Oppenheimer & Co., and began his career at Morgan Stanley where he served as Vice President-Investments.

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