Re-designing the standard for unique protective SleeveCase "MacBook Air Sleeve" for MacBookAir

Dengden,Inc(Kyoto,Japan, President: Toshihiro Tajiri) released newest sleevecase “MacBookAir Sleeve ( ) ” specifically designed to handsomely protect the MacBookAir.

Online PR News – 03-February-2011 – – This sleeve case is designed not only with the function in mind but also provide you with an attractive yet durable protective case for your MacBook Air. There is a definitive inner beauty to this cover which allows customers to express their own signature individuality and allows their own refined tastes to show through. This item is the collective efforts of Japanese traditional craftsmen's beautiful handmade workmanship. Also, its repeated dying processes bring out the profound color with the traditional japanese textile that we have specifically chosen for these unique cases.
We released three types below and each product is 94US$. We start shipping today.

For information:
Contact: Toshihiro Tajiri Phone: +81-75-200-3633
222-1206, kamiyanagi-cho, shimogyo-ku kyoto, Japan 600-8301
Phone: +81-75-200-3633

※1.MacBookAir is copyright to Apple, California

Three Patterns

Ryusui is a Japanese traditional design which is representative of slowly flowing water. The first appearance of this design dates back to the 1st century B.C. and it has been popular with the Japanese culture ever since.

Imaginary flowers which will continue to bloom forever. Representing the ideal notion that flowers never wither.

This is a highly traditional design representative of ancient Japan, drawing from the heian period. It is a design well used
by japanese and is used regardress of the season, even though, it is traditionally characteristic of japan's brief, yet incredebly beautiful spring.