Safetyweb Acquires iHound Mobile

SafetyWeb® Inc. has acquired both iHound® Mobile to provide complete protection to more than 100, 000 families and safeguarding their lives in a connected virtual world. Instead of buying multiple services to protect only a portion of your digital lives, you can now get real-time protection at anytime from any device using single technology.

Online PR News – 03-February-2011 – – SafetyWeb® Inc., the leader in cloud‐based personal security products, announced recently it has acquired iHound®. "For decades, security has focused on protecting computers, but now it must protect people who connect to the Web from a variety of devices" says co-founder Geoffrey Arone, "These acquisitions expand upon the ground-breaking security platform we developed for®, providing more than 100,000 families more protection with greater security."

SafetyWeb ( develops cloud-based, personal security products that help protect privacy, identity, reputation and safety online as well as help protect kids and teens from sexting, cyberstalking and cyberbulying.

iHound® (available for the iPhone®, iPad®, and Android®) allows anyone to:

1. Locate family members using GPS;
2. Set up location alerts when children are not at home or at school at specific times (AKA geo-fencing);
3. Find a lost or stolen device;
4. Remote message with a person who finds their phone;
5. Lock and erase sensitive personal information from an irretrievable device.

iHound® gives parents and teens a simple affordable way to find a missing phone and stay safe.
These acquisitions expand SafetyWeb's personal security suite, helping people and their families protect their privacy, identity, reputation and safety online and on mobile devices such as the iPhone®, iPad®, and Android®.

SafetyWeb's Security Suite now includes:

1. SafetyWeb® Family – Proactive Online Family Safety for Web and Mobile, which gives parents a chance for both cell phone monitoring and internet monitoring;
2. SWOT™ – SafetyWeb Online Tracker for Missing Children (A free service used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationwide);
3. iHound® Mobile – Digital Life and Device Protection;
4. myID™ (coming soon) – Personal ID Security and Privacy.

SafetyWeb's cloud-based security technology provides consumers with practical information for safeguarding their lives in a connected world. SafetyWeb® uncovers online activity in real-time, analyzes online behavior, and identifies threats that could compromise one's privacy, identity, reputation or safety in order to decrease cyberbullying, cyberstalking and also gives parents an additional option to monitor both cell phone and online activities by using internet monitoring software without downloading or installing. SafetyWeb® alerts parents via SMS or email if a child mentions drugs, profanity, cyber-bullying, depression, cyberstalking, sexting or other custom categories set by parents. SafetyWeb® is integrated into numerous social media sites and can even analyze mobile calling and SMS information.

SafetyWeb® helps parents teach children about responsible use of technology without infringing on their privacy.

"We recognized the growing need to protect people and the data connected to them," says Michael Clark, Arone's founding partner, "With SafetyWeb® and SWOT™, and now with the additions of iHound®, we are providing people with real-time protection at anytime from any device."

"We believe the future of personal security is based on privacy, identity, reputation and safety combined. Unlike other products on the market, we decided to take a different approach. Instead of requiring users to buy multiple services to protect only a portion of their online lives, we focused on protecting the entire individual. We believe our people-centric, device-independent approach will be the right one as consumer and enterprise security continues its rapid shift to the cloud", says Arone.

iHound® Software brings enterprise developer and mobile carrier integration experience to the SafetyWeb® team, which already offers cell phone monitoring for parents on all major carriers including Verizon®, AT&T®, Sprint® and T-Mobile®. Gary Moskoff, co-founder of iHound® adds, "SafetyWeb® has built a powerful technology platform that enables real-time protection of people and has clearly embraced mobile as the future of family and teen communications. We're thrilled to be part of SafetyWeb's family of personal security products."

SafetyWeb® (who has been collaborating with iHound® for months on new products) will continue the original internet monitoring and cell phone monitoring services.
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About SafetyWeb, Inc.

SafetyWeb® develops cloud-based personal security products that help people proactively manage their privacy, identity, reputation and safety online with a focus on protecting people, not computers. SafetyWeb® products include® Online Family Safety, SWOT™ Child Tracking Tool (which is used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationwide) and iHound® Mobile Security. SafetyWeb® was founded in 2009 by Geoffrey Arone and Michael Clark and is backed by Battery Ventures and First Round Capital.