Guaranteed Password Recovery for MS Access 2007 Databases

LastBit Corp. launches a password recovery service to unlock password-protected databases in Microsoft Access 2007 format. No matter how long and complex a password is, guaranteed recovery is possible in 48 hours or less.

Online PR News – 03-November-2009 – – The release of Microsoft Office 2007 signified the end to unsecure 40-bit encryption if the new, 2007 file format is chosen to save password-protected documents. Files produced by Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote 2007 are now benefiting from security of 128-bit strong encryption, provided that they are saved in corresponding Office 2007 formats. This strong encryption is resistant to all kinds of attacks except guessing the right password, which in turn can take significant time. Brute force attacks are not feasible provided that a long, complex password is chosen.

Microsoft Access 2007 is a notable exception from the trend. While employing 'enhanced' protection compared to older versions of Access, the updated MS Access 2007 is still using vastly outdated 40-bit cryptography. The choice of weak protection in MS Access 2007 allows for fast, guaranteed recovery of password-protected Access 2007 databases.

About Access Recovery Service

Introduced by LastBit Corp., Access Recovery Service is offered to Microsoft Access 2007 users worldwide. The new service provides guarantees recovery of password-protected databases in 48 hours or less. The recovery time is 100% guaranteed by the company.

Technically, customers would submit a protected database to Access Recovery Service. LastBit uses its cluster of powerful workstations to unlock the protected database, and returns an unprotected file to the customer in 48 hours or less, no matter how long and complex the password was. The service is available on pay-per-use basis, and costs only $59 per file.

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