Hodusoft Announces Launch of Revised and Fluid HoduPBX for VoIP Calling Service Provider

Growth of VoIP has led to a spurt in VoIP calling service providers and Hodusoft is ready for them with the next generation HoduPBX.

Online PR News – 03-January-2018 – Texas – Hodusoft, an Ahmedabad based globally recognized leader in PBX software, announced the launch of HoduPBX, a next generation hosted PBX software solution for VoIP service providers across the world.

Talking about the launch an executive of Hodusoft said that the company came up with the improved IP PBX software after intensive market research into current technologies and business needs as well as the most desired features in an off the rack solution that would be affordable, integrate seamlessly into the existing environment and be easy to use as well. Cost advantage is just one feature and advantage over traditional PBX systems. Rich feature set characterizes Hodusoft PBX solution specifically developed keeping in mind VoIP Calling Service Providers across the world.

Among the many key features of HoduPBX, he went on, are multi-tenant support, multi-lingual support, vendor management, outing rules, billing modules, rate card/bill plan, least cost routing and payment gateway integration, which are of prime importance for VoIP service providers. There are other features that users expect such as video calling, speed dialing, phone books, DID management, conference calls, interactive voice response, voicemails and clarity of audio. These are a few of the standard features that are indispensable in any modern IP PBX software but the way Hodusoft experts leverage the power of Freeswitch and implement it as well as the dashboard, ease of use and high security make it stand head and shoulders above the competition. If the Software has compelling features included in it, there are extensions that are just as necessary such as phonebook, blind/attended transfers, forwards, rejection, barge-in, caller ID blocking and intercom dialing.

The feature set alone, he claimed, give Hodusoft PBX solutions an edge over competitors. In addition there are add-ons available such as WebRTC audio-video calls and chats, reseller modules, auto provisioning and mobile apps that further enhance prospects for VoIP service providers to monetize and create unique brand image.

Hodusoft offers virtually all features that VoIP service providers need in a neat and elegant package with no need to look elsewhere for add-ons or extensions. The package is priced just right, costing far less than what major league players offer but offering far more in an integrated solution. A further advantage of software based PBX solution is that there is no need for investment in expensive hardware and the software can work on existing IT infrastructure. Further, software implementation means it can also be tied into backend accounting and financials or reporting, CRM and analytics, if so desired.

HoduPBX latest generation removes all the shortcomings of previous iterations and makes operation a seamlessly fluid operation.

About: Hodusoft is an Ahmedabad based specialist in IP PBX software solutions offering packaged solutions that work right out of the box for VoIP service providers across the world. They may be contacted at 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638, email sales@hodusoft.com or via web form on website hodusoft.com.