Leading MMA Gym Partnered with Leading Human Performanace Laboratory

The Fitness Institute New Mexico has partnered with the globally renowned Jackson Wink MMA Academy to offer state of the art training experience.

Online PR News – 02-January-2018 – ALBUQUERQUE – The Fitness Institute New Mexico is a world class Human Performance Laboratory and Training Center. Bringing together the leading technology in exercise science and a highly experienced team of exercise physiologists, physicians and nutritionists. We are able to provide the tools, technology and guidance previously only available to Olympian and professional athletes. Our mission is to optimize health and performance while reducing the potential for illness or injury.

Fitness Institute New Mexico has assembled the most innovative biomedical diagnostic technologies and programming that go far beyond traditional fitness assessment and prescription. These devices and techniques are used by, the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, NASA Space Center, ESPN Wide World of Sports, UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, just to name a few. Our Human Performance Lab Director, Jose Maresma, has been a practicing exercise physiologist for over 27 years and has worked with the Olympic Training Center, USA Skiing, USA Cycling, US Soccer, The NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, USA Triathlon and many college athletic programs.

The Fitness Institute of New Mexico Human Performance Laboratory and the Jackson Wink MMA Academy brings leading edge technology and guidance to optimize your performance.

· Dexa-Scan-The Gold Standard in body composition analysis. Accurately identifying lean muscle, bone mineral density and body fat (visceral & subcutaneous).

· Fit3D - In 40 second the Fit3D scanner takes a full 3D, 360-degree body scan using a special infrared camera extracting more than 400 different measurements. These provide insights into areas like posture analysis, muscle balance, body composition and changes in muscle mass and body fat.

· Vo2max, Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold Assessment - We use state of the technology to accurately measure your current cardiovascular and metabolic fitness. With this information we help you develop and adjust your training to meet your body where it is and maximized performance, fitness and health goals.

· Nutritional Evaluation and Prescription – Using the leading science to assess your nutritional demands we are able to precisely guide your nutritional needs to make sure you reach your health and fitness goals efficiently. Weather the goal is increase in lean mass, reduction in body fat or improved energy we can help you succeed.

· Functional Body Symmetry Screening (FBSS) – With our innovative technologies we are able to go way beyond the typical Functional Movement Screening (FMS). Our technologies can more precisely identify and diagnose body asymmetry, that can reduce performance and increase the potential for injury. Corrective movement and exercise can be prescribed to precisely address in individual imbalances.

· Seca mBCA 514 Bioelectrical Impedance Device - the most advance bioelectrical impedance analysis device, in the world. It is the only device that can take a single measurement in less than 20 seconds to determine fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, extracellular water, and intracellular water. One key parameter that the Seca mBCA measures is the phase angle. It is an indicator of overall health, metabolic activity and nutritional status