Eikon Bible Art Continues to Support Sunday School Lessons with New January Products

For the month of January, Eikon Bible Art is adding to its wide collection of teaching materials with the release of new teaching products. These new products will continue to help educators teach Sunday school lessons through rich bible stories and supporting materials.

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – Industry leader Eikon Bible Art continues to fulfill its mission to support educators deliver Sunday School Lessons with new products to its lineup, all geared toward making it fun and easy for youth and even adults to engage in and understand life lessons imparted by Bible Stories. Educators and students alike attest to the efficacy of Eikon Bible Art's approach to producing teaching materials, and January's release builds upon Eikon's master collection of Bible teaching aids.

Eikon Bible Art adds the story of Samson to its long line of teaching aids, focusing on his birth, his riddle, his vengeance and ultimately his death to deliver the message of the Bible in a powerful and incisive manner. With Samson's Birth, students understand that although sinners will be punished by God, those who ask for forgiveness will be heard. Additionally, students also learn about the essence of strong marriage, and that a cohesive family enables couples to confide, trust and comfort in each other. Samson came from such a family and his mother was considered a Godly woman, and with God's blessing was able to conceive.

In Samson's Riddle, students are introduced to the concept of living the way God intended, and that God can remediate our sinful condition and turn things around for his glory. Through his commandments, God has laid out the way to living right, and in Death of Samson, students begin to understand that ignoring God's teaching brings about confusion and people end up straying from the path, resulting in a tumultuous existence. Finally, in Samson's Vengeance, students come face to face with the concept of being judgmental. As a warrior, it is easy for Samson to be viewed as a man with limited intellect; however, nothing could be farther from the truth as Samson proved to be well organized, smart with his riddle and a person with a big heart. Admittedly, Samson had a short fuse, but despite his shortcomings, Samson maintained his service to God alone, and God was accepting of him.

Accompanying Samson in January is the hero Gideon, with two learning aids based on his travails. Gideon Chosen by God and Gideon Defeats the Midianites joins the Samson quad series. In Gideon Chosen by God, students are presented with the idea that although we may not always feel like we are important or are needed, God places great value and has plans for each of us. Additionally, students learn that in the course of living our lives, we may have to take a different direction than that taken by our friends and families, in order to follow God's way. Finally, students are reminded that God in Heaven is in fact the only true God. In Gideon Defeats the Midianites, students will learn how to draw courage from God and trust in that which he asks, even when the meaning isn't abundantly clear at first.

"In addition to the new teaching aids released in January, Eikon is introducing the Legends of Faith series, which is a product designed for children from ages 8-12. Delivered in Comic format, Legends of Faith is a perfect way for children to learn about the Word of God," explains Alan Lockhart of Eikon Bible Art. Titles for January include The Power and The Glory, Easter 1 and 2, Miracles of Jesus 1 and 2, Parables of Jesus 1 and 2, and Fifty days to Pentecost.

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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