Engine Tuning Expert Launches ECU-RS Franchise to Help Clients Go Farther with Less Fuel

Croydon motorists and small fleet owners burdened by increasing fuel costs are welcoming the new ECU-RS franchise launched by automotive specialist Dan Wiggs. Through ECU remapping, increased fuel efficiency and added power are realized.

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – ECU-RS is a leading provider of ECU remapping service for the United Kingdom, and recently, auto expert Dan Wiggs partnered with them to launch his own ECU-RS franchise. The new franchise will service clients in Croydon and the surrounding areas. Dan Wiggs is practically a Croydon native, having moved there when he was six years of age. As an automotive specialist, Dan Wiggs is well connected in the Croydon community and his recently launched franchise with ECU-RS is an opportunity for Croydon motorists and small fleet owners to have their ECUs optimized for maximum fuel efficiency.

"Many owners understand that the operation of their vehicle is governed by a central computer, thus the concept of remapping or reprogramming, if you will, is an easy concept to explain. What some don't realize is that we can remap the ECU in such a manner as to improve fuel economy or improve power, and in some instances even a little bit of both," explains Dan Wiggs of ECU-RS Croydon.

To help clients go farther with their fuel, ECU-RS offers the ECO-Tune remap service. The ECO-Tune is designed to improve bottom end torque, enabling the automobile to move easier from a standstill or during low speeds. When a vehicle is at rest or barely moving, it takes a lot of fuel to get it moving, because the engine needs to rev higher to achieve the requisite torque to keep things moving at an acceptable pace. By bringing in more torque earlier in the rev range, a remapped ECU is able to provide the required force to get a vehicle moving sooner, and consequently, fuel is conserved. ECU-RS attests that as much as 20% improvement in fuel economy can be observed in certain applications.

"A small investment in an ECU remap will pay great dividends particularly for those who drive in an urban setting," notes Dan Wiggs. "With the escalating cost of fuel, it makes sense to optimise the vehicle's ECU so that it can deliver more miles from each gallon of petrol. ECU-RS can help vehicles produce more torque, power and economy and our approach to remapping is reliable, efficient and safe."

Dan Wiggs maintains an active blog to chronicle his optimisation efforts. The RemapMan Blog is an excellent resource for individuals and companies seeking additional information on ECU remapping and automobile tuning in general, and features numerous German cars that have received the Dan Wiggs treatment such as the E46 330d which was given the Max-Tune remap. Following the quick procedure, the E46 saw an increase in power to 480nm/240bhp from an original 410nm/205bhp.

In some applications, fuel efficiency and increased power can be realized, such as the case with the 07 120d Auto which was given an ECO-Tune, allowing the car to see more power earlier in the torque curve. Following the remap procedure, the 120d saw an increase in power from 174bhp/350nm to 226bhp/453nm. With the added low down torque, the automatic gearbox was able to shift up through the gears earlier, yielding better fuel consumption.

Dan Wiggs has been tuning automobiles for nearly twenty years, and his partnership with ECU-RS through the Croydon ECU-RS franchise enables Dan to offer his clients a proven and trusted ECU remap service that not only provides added power but also delivers higher fuel economy for their vehicles.

Dan Wiggs
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