Petronor and RMSI Sign LOI to Bring Medical Services to Iraq Energy City in Basra

RMSI to Establish Regional Medical Centre (RMC) in Petronor’s
Iraq Energy City near Basra

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – DUBAI, U.A.E and BASRA, IRAQ --(February 1, 2011) – Petronor FZE, an oilfield services company operating in Iraq, and RMSI, a company specializing in medical solutions in hostile environments and with a proven track record in Iraq, announced today the signing of a letter of intent for RMSI to become the primary resident medical provider at Petronor’s Iraq Energy City. RMSI, through their strategic alliance with International SOS, provides end-to-end medical services to their clients throughout Iraq and their imminent arrival to Iraq Energy City (IEC) was welcomed by Petronor and IEC’s current tenants. The selection of RMSI to create a best-in-class clinic and hospital for the region is perfectly aligned with Petronor’s vision for IEC.

“This is an exciting step and we are very pleased to welcome RMSI to Iraq Energy City,” said Peter Day, CEO of Petronor. “With IEC aiming to be the premier working and living environment for companies in the Basra region, the selection of the medical provider was a very important one. We were in need of a company like RMSI, one with a strong track record in Iraq and a focus on service that would give our clients the comfort in knowing their medical needs would be professionally and expertly taken care of. We are pleased to be bringing this forward to our current and future clients.”

Operating on a members-only subscription basis, the service will start from a temporary clinic and will expand into a full clinic providing a wide range of medical services to the region. RMSI plans to use IEC as its central medical hub, and to support their network of remote clinics at client sites.

“The establishment of the RMSI Regional Medical Centre ‘RMC’ is an extremely exciting development for the southern Oil and Gas companies, who until now have not been able to answer the key question, “what happens to our workers higher level medical needs when the military pull out”, said Robert Lamb, President and CEO of RMSI. “We have taken a proactive step, investing in what will be the only western level medical and emergency stabilization centre in the South of Iraq, providing a much needed security blanket to thousands of expat and Iraqi workers, including ICU beds, an ambulance service, high level diagnostics and occupational health services. After considering our options, it was clear that Iraq Energy City is the only viable option where the security and life support of our staff and patients can be assured”.

Clients at IEC will be treated for everything from the simplest cuts and bruises, through to full emergency stabilization and possible evacuation. The evacuation service will depend on the clients existing arrangements and insurance, and RMSI along with International SOS will be able to advise new and existing clients on streamlining their medical emergency response plans from IEC.

“RMSI is a great addition to IEC and the Basra region,” said Hans Hoiskar, General Manager of Petronor Iraq. “There is an Oil Rush underway and we are excited to welcome companies such as RMSI who can benefit from the IEC’s ability to lower the barriers to entry, cost and security. Iraq Energy City is proving the ideal answer to those concerns.”

About Iraq Energy City
The Iraq Energy City base is located on 300,000 sq meters of land leased by Petronor from the South Oil Company (SOC), and is near both Gate 2 of the SOC’s Bergessia Base and the Basra airport. With an effective 40-year lease, Petronor has been developing the base in a logical sequence from temporary, secure units, warehouses and workshops to the eventual development of permanent structures such as villas, office buildings, hotels and recreational centers with an emphasis on enhancing the work and living conditions. With a future capacity for more than 1,000 residents, Iraq Energy City will expand the traditional role of an oilfield supply base by placing an emphasis on the "living experience".

About RMSI
RMSI is a medical services provider with a strong presence in Iraq that specializes in medical solutions into hostile environments. They have recently announced a strategic alliance with International SOS, and together the two companies will provide the end-to-end medical needs for clients in Iraq, and particularly from their location at Iraq Energy City near Basra.

About Petronor
Petronor, FZE,is a privately owned company with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The company was founded in 2001 and provides services to the oil and gas industry in Iraq from its offices in Baghdad and operating bases at Baghdad International Airport and Iraq Energy City, Basra. In addition to Iraq Energy City, Petronor also offers oilfield services such as Environmental Studies and Water Services in partnership with Aquateam AS of Norway, and their Safe Fields™ technology where Mobile Collaboration Centers offer secure, remote access to oil fields in Iraq.