DSI Adds Deployment Module to CheckMate Toolroom Department of Defense Software Suite

February 1, 2011/Redmond, Washington/ Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer, specializing in barcode data collection applications, has announced the release of a Deployment Module of CheckMate for DOD, which allows a subset of Tool & Equipment inventory to be managed in remote locations.

Online PR News – 02-February-2011 – – CheckMate Designed for DOD
CheckMate Software uses CAC Cards to identify the person responsible for each transaction, converting the SSN on the card to a generic “badge number” in the system for privacy purposes. The system has been designed per military requirements to preserve Chain of Custody – for example, the same badge that checks out a tool is required to check the tool back in.

Deployment of Tools & Equipment
CheckMate Toolroom’s Deployment Option, tracks a kit or subset of tools and equipment from a large inventory that are sent to another location (truck, overseas location, etc.). The full functionally of CheckMate Toolroom is available at the remote site including Check In/Out, Reserve, and Maintenance Scheduling & History. Extensive queries and reports remain a feature of Deployment.
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