Nine Year Old Ashraya Forms New Student Council Organization

Ashraya may be nine years old, but she has already demonstrated leadership qualities by creating her own organization, Ink-Lings Global Student Council. An organization aimed at helping students who applied for student council, but were denied acceptance due to school policies.

Online PR News – 02-November-2009 – – Collegeville, PA, October, 26, 2009 - A fourth grader from Oaks Elementary school, Ashraya felt that student councils in most schools are not able to accommodate all interested students who apply. Ink-Lings Global Student Council tears down walls and barriers unlike traditional schools. Ink-Lings Global Student Council strongly believes that its members and students abound have great potential in them.

Ashraya became inspired to create Ink-Lings Global Student Council after a recent student council election at her school in which she learned that not all students who had applied would be given a chance due to school rules and policies. Students not selected were left heart broken. Ashraya say an opportunity to make a change, and soon after Ink-Lings Global Student Council was born.

Ink-Lings Global Student Council gives its members a chance to not only display their leadership qualities but also showcase their fine talents, as well as opportunities to become more involved in their schools activities, student events, community projects and school reform. The organization is also focused on keeping the schools eco-friendly, coming to the aid of needy children, holiday gift giving and spreading values of compassion. There is a little heart ticking in every student to achieve something, and something so small like a Student council selection should not be made that difficult to join; Ink-Lings Global Student Council helps by opening more doors of opportunities.

"Today the world is like one small place where people can touch base with each other as if they are only some miles away." - Ink-Lings Global Student Council, "It's not only living up to your potential, but also an example of showing the world ...Live and Let Live."

What makes Ashraya's story even more special is the fact that her organization is helping students worldwide, not just in her home town. With mass reach of the Internet, Skype, as well as Vonage she is able to communicate with students from around the globe.

"Where every school might have limitations on the number of students to be allowed every year or every term here at the Ink-Lings Student Council we are going Global. We have enough space for everyone." said Ashraya. "Though I would love to be a part of my school's council it gives me great pleasure to start my own little Council and help everybody living in this world as much as I can"

Ink-Lings Global Student Council offers amazing activities and events in the form of ice cream socials, picnics, reading day, world music day, compassion day, colorful rainbow day and have plans of expanding that list in the new coming year.

Ashraya and her friends will be launching a new magazine, Ash's Ink-Lings, in 2010. The only adults on this young team are none other than Ash's parents who'll be assisting her in the proof-reading and editing of the magazine.

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About Ink-Lings Global Student Council
An organization aimed at helping students who applied for student council but were denied acceptance due to school policies. Ink-Lings Global Student Council came to life from a young girl just barely ten years old, and she alone has proven that adults don't have all the great ideas. Students worldwide from the UK - Korea - Turkey - India and more, have joined this precious little girl in her efforts.

Ink-Lings Global Student Council objectives: Public speaking, Publishing regular educational newsletters and Authoring.

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