New ChaLean Extreme Workout System Shown to Burn 60 Percent of Body Fat in Three Months

Popular online fitness superstore Ultimate Fitness Gear will now offer the new ChaLean Extreme workout system, designed to burn up to 60 percent of their body fat in just three months.

Online PR News – 27-April-2009 – – MAPLE VALLEY, WA – Premier online fitness superstore, Ultimate Fitness Gear, recently announced it will now offer the new ChaLean Extreme workout system. Created by popular fitness enthusiast Chalene Johnson, this innovative circuit training system guarantees visible results every 30 days and allows users to effectively burn up to 60 percent of their body fat in three months.

Unlike other workout routines, the ChaLean Extreme workout system helps users smash through even the most stubborn fitness plateaus by building lean, sleek muscles to burn fat. Since more muscle means a greater fat burning ability, using the ChaLean Extreme workout system dramatically increases lean muscle to efficiently burn fat even while users are sleeping.

“This revolutionary workout is designed to transform the body quickly and effectively. Through its innovative and targeted design, customers who begin the ChaLean Extreme workout system now can even achieve the body of their dreams by summertime,” says Derek Cladek of Ultimate Fitness Gear (

To keep users interested and continually maximizing the effectiveness of each workout, the ChaLean Extreme system is broken out into 15 individual routines in three distinct phases. In the first phase, 'Burn,' which lasts for the first 30 days, users lift weights to jump start their metabolisms and to efficiently break down extra fat reserves. With a focus on form and effectiveness, users learn 'Lean Phasing' by working both upper and lower body muscles in just 10 to 12 reps each. In the second phase of the ChaLean Extreme Workout System, 'Push,' users push their muscles beyond comfort to effectively tone one part of the body at a time and increase strength. The third phase, 'Lean,' mixes it up further with a combination of dynamic moves and new routines to help melt fat off the body.

Available at $119.95 plus shipping, the ChaLean Extreme workout system also offers and array of diet and support tools. A special 'Muscle Burns Fat' guidebook, thigh toner band, 'Healthy Eats' DVD, and more are included with every purchase to help users make the most out of their new workout routine.

Along with the ChaLean Extreme workout system, Ultimate Fitness Gear offers a wide variety of fitness routines and equipment. One of the firm’s most popular hard-core workouts for extreme exercisers is the P90X workout routine, which is a combination of 12 intense muscular workouts and a three phase nutrition plan to help users shape up in 90 days. Additionally, for those who often are too busy to workout, Ultimate Fitness Gear also offers Tony Horton’s 10 minute trainer, which incorporates a Super Stacking Technique™ to create intense and effective workouts in just 10 minutes.

“We hand select only the most effective workouts to ensure our customers will attain the results they desire. We take pride in offering only superior routines, including the ChaLean Extreme workout system, to help our customers jump start healthy fitness and nutrition habits that will benefit them for years to come,” says Cladek.

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About Ultimate Fitness Gear: Leading online fitness superstore, Ultimate Fitness Gear ( offers an expansive selection of the most effective workout routines, workout equipment and weight loss plans, including the new ChaLean Extreme workout system and the P90X workout routine. With a commitment to providing the best workout routines available, Ultimate Fitness Gear strives to help its customers jump start healthy habits to transform their lives.

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