Internet Marketing Firm Says New Search Engine Looks to Rival Google

New York SEO firm, offering SEO training classes, says that there is a new kid on the search engine block, but is doubtful that it can rival Google or Bing.

Online PR News – 01-February-2011 – New York, New York – “In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new search engine named Blekko ( that is taking on the awesome task of trying to s to tempt you away from Google, Bing, and the other major search engines,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., (, a leading New York SEO and Internet marketing firm that offers SEO classes through its popular ExpressoSEO ( program. “Though it has historically been difficult for newcomers to break into the search engine game, Blekko has created a lot of buzz in the short time since its November release.”

So is Blekko a search engine that is worth turning to when you need to find answers?

According to Crisafi, a recent search test conducted by The Daily Beast ( found that the new search engine actually holds its own in certain areas, depending on what the user is searching for.

“The test produced surprising results,” says Crisafi. “The Daily Beast put Blekko to the test against Google and Bing and found that all three contestants got their licks in at various points, which underscored that fact that different search engine sites perform differently in different categories.”

This is an important factor for users to consider, Crisafi says, when conducting serious online research.

“The advantage that representatives from Blekko claim to have over other search engines is their reliance on a human-driven approach, rather than computer algorithms,” explains Crisafi. “Human-based differentiation has been tried plenty of times before with little success, so it’s hard to believe that Blekko will be able to beat out Google or even Bing for that matter.”

Based on the study, Google came in first, followed by Bing. Not surprisingly, Crisafi says, Blekko came in third. However, the final results don’t tell the whole story, according to Crisafi

“This important test found that, in some categories, the Blekko approach shows that it can compete against the big-name search engines,” says Crisafi. “On the topic of personal finance, for example, Blekko held its own, splitting the category evenly with Google and shutting out Bing. But, overall, Blekko just couldn’t match Google for relevance.”

Crisafi predicts that rather than outshine the existing search engine giants, Blekko may ultimately be scooped up by Bing or Google.

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